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Outdated The Tabula Rasa 2.1

Unified Crafting Bench for Mod Content

  1. The Tabula Rasa V1.3

    V1.3 - Change Log

    -Updated the Tabula Rasa sprite. It now features the Starbound Logo and is now slightly translucent, faintly showing what's behind it. The word glows were also modified to ramp up from faded when dark to more opaque when lit. You probably won't notice.

    -Made the Imperfectly Generic Item into an optional example. Considering the Tabula Rasa itself is already a functional example recipe, the Imperfectly Generic Item was causing minor menu clutter. It can now be manually enabled to function as an easy tutorial on how to install a mod. Simply open the "imperfectlygenericitem.recipe" file and add "mod" to its groups to install it, like any mod recipe.

    -Created an additional Tabula Rasa recipe that overrides the initial. After crafting the initial Tabula Rasa at a cooking appliance with a torch, the Tabula Rasa that shows up IN the Tabula Rasa now costs only 1 pixel instead of additional torches. If you really like turning your torches into Tabula Rasas, you may still do so at a cooking appliance.

    -Fixed minor grammatical errors in the ReadMe.

    -Fixed a frame count issue. One frame in the animation was being dropped per cycle.

    -Slightly cut the file size because Snoop likes to make his PNG files unnecessarily large.
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