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The Universal Uncrafter v1.46 (p1.2)

Decompose any item with a recipe. Reconstitute useless materials.

  1. Wellbott
    The Universal Uncrafter device will take any item with a recipe - even from mods! - and reduce it to its material components.


    Material block types with no recipes can be converted into Grey Goo. Weak, easily gathered materials like dirt and gravel will convert at a 20 to 1 ratio, and some valuable types like pressurized steel girders will convert at 4 to 1, but most materials will convert at a 10 to 1 ratio.

    In turn, Grey Goo can be converted into any material type. It will turn into the first material found in the Uncrafter's "Output" slots.


    Craft it at an Inventor's Table or its successors.

    There are few things other than just pure recipe backtracking:
    • It won't run until you have enough space in the output slots.
    • Large input stacks will start converting slowly, then speed up.
    • Actual recipes with a pixel component will only refund half of the pixel cost. If only pixels, no refunds! Go find a merchant.
    • Randomized guns and weapons will give you some metals appropriate to the level of the weapon.
    • Yes, you can un-cook food. Make steaks raw again if you miss the taste of space salmonella.
    • Saplings turn into plant fibers.
    • As items can have multiple recipes, the Universal Uncrafter will choose one which isn't just pixels if possible, but will only pick one recipe in the end.
    • No turning coal into 10 wood apiece. And no selling custom signs, either.

    ===>Please report any bugs in this thread!<===
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

  1. Patch 1.2
  2. Mod Compatibility option
  3. 1.0 Update

Recent Reviews

  1. McNaire21
    Version: v1.46 (p1.2)
    oh boy, it can really uncraft any items even from different mods
  2. Alepod
    Version: v1.46 (p1.2)
    Mod is very useful, but I don't like sprite. Maybe some resprite would be great
  3. Predilecta
    Version: v1.46 (p1.2)
    Easy disassembling the items that I do not use of instead of throwing them away.
  4. qualiyah
    Version: v1.46 (p1.2)
    I don't use the uncrafter on crafted items since sometimes that's a bit too much of a cheat (especially with modded items).

    But the grey goo option is great! You put in large quantities of dirt blocks (or whatever) to get tiny amounts of grey goo; that feels balanced and fair, and it gives you a way to get rare and normally uncraftable blocks for building without having to cheat and /admin them in.
  5. Kokito
    Version: v1.46 (p1.2)
  6. Ichimatsu
    Version: v1.46 (p1.2)
    Works fine, but the mod seems to be abandoned. Besides, you can't really customize/choose which mods you'd like the uncrafter to choose its recipes from.
  7. BILLY500436
    Version: v1.46 (p1.2)
    One of the best mods I have ever seen on Starbound. Creates a sense of ease towards freeing up inventory and storage spaces as well as giving the necessities that you so desperately desire. The main thing I like about this is that I can farm off enemies or loot chests and get rewards that are useful if it's not better than my current gear. So here's a little message to our lovely in-game "friends". Get out of here Pixels! Get out of here Farming! Get out of here Hassles! No one wants you anymore! ;)
  8. Multistream
    Version: v1.46 (p1.2)
    Have 1 issue
    I dont know what mod adds paintable mechs, xc mechs or zz mechs but you can uncraft them and farm paint plates just by uncrafting mechs again and again

    Anyway, great mod
  9. crudebuster
    Version: v1.46 (p1.2)
    Just awesome.
  10. Lengey
    Version: v1.46 (p1.2)
    Must have! Awsome mod!