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The Universal Uncrafter v1.46 (p1.2)

Decompose any item with a recipe. Reconstitute useless materials.

  1. Patch 1.2

    Updated for new patch.
  2. Mod Compatibility option

    Added the ability for other mods to make recipes un-uncraftable by including the "nouncrafting" group
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  3. 1.0 Update

    No particular changes, functionality-wise.
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  4. Weapons Added

    Added uncrafting recipes for the new implementation of random weapons and shields.
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  5. Glad Giraffe

    Update update update.
  6. Pleased Giraffe

    Lowered returns from leveled weapons to match the new building costs. No longer turns furniture into pixels, since there are proper merchants now.
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  7. Modular support and tweakable Lua

    Support for a shortly upcoming version of the Modular mod, which will have a modular version of the Uncrafter (that only appears with both mods installed).

    The Lua script now has a bunch of tweakable variables at the top, for ease of modification if you want to put the Uncrafter in, say, a server modpack but want to balance the economic impact or disable the uncrafting of certain items.
  8. Modpak + balance tweaking

    Mainly it's just now a modpak for ease of installation. But in some semblance of balancing, generated weapons now give back less tiered materials, and ANY material block will now only turn into gray goo. Too many wonky interactions with other mods on that front! On the plus side, more block types have a good block-to-goo ratio, like avian bricks and metal stuffs.
  9. Grey Goo

    Now uses a custom liquid as the material precursor instead of Matter blocks. Will still convert those, if you stockpiled, but now produces Grey Goo.
  10. Material Reconstitution

    The Uncrafter can now break down material block types with no recipes, like dirt and cobblestone, into pure Matter blocks. These can then be converted into any other material type, if you just can't find enough Avian tombs or Apex labs to plunder for your mega-structures.

    Also, large stacks of items will be broken down progressively faster, and deconstructing weapons gives a random mix of tiered metals (steel) and tiered precious metals (gold).