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The Yellow Submarine WIP 6.1

Sky of blue and sea of green. A five person flying submarine.

  1. LoPhatKao
    The Yellow Submarine v. Glad Giraffe (Stable) / Cheerful Giraffe (1.0 Release)
    A 5 person flying submersible vehicle.
    WORK IN PROGRESS! Expect unexpected changes!
    Inspired by the eponymous 1968 Beatles movie.

    Buy the Controller from the vehicle vendor in the Outpost.
    (also compatible with Portable Outpost vehicle vendor)

    Left - move left
    Right - move right
    Jump - submerge
    RMB - honk horn

    Left - move left
    Right - move right
    Up - move up
    Down - move down
    Jump - surface
    LMB - fire exploding cigar torpedo
    RMB - honk horn

    ysub_seats.png ysub_decks.png
    How do I get in?
    Stand under the mandala on conning tower
    Move mouse to desired seat position (tail hatch, mandala, the 3 windows)
    Press Interact key

    Screeny 1: Sitting in the middle window seat.

    Screeny 2: Emergency Ascent! - press Jump while parked on ocean floor (228 blocks vertical)

    Screeny 3: Normal Ascent - holding up (same 228 blocks as above)

    Why "The Yellow Submarine"?
    I wanted a submarine vehicle.. was either going to be this or U96 from "Das Boot".
    Yellow sub fit Starbound's look & feel better than a nazi uboat. :D
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. ysub.png
    2. modicon.png
    3. wip4.png

Recent Updates

  1. SB 1.3 update
  2. music + horn
  3. Error Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. ssavoib
    Version: WIP 6.1
    Moves smooth. Serves its purpose well. Isn't too out of place.
    Could make it more expensive for what it does.
    Still a 10.

    >sto*n*ed nanites
    >yellow submarine song that I can play
    11. That's an 11.
  2. Psychoman53
    Version: WIP 6.1
    Brilliant! As a bonus it even works in space, don't even have to worry about drifting away anymore!
  3. Raptor42
    Version: WIP 5.2 Glad/Cheerful
    Looks pretty cool.
    I would really like if you made some sort of more "professional-looking" military submarine (nazi U-boat for example :P)
    I'm building an underwater military base and such a sub would really fit my playstyle instead of a cheerful yellow submarine ;)
  4. Ashtar084
    Version: WIP 5.1 Cheerful Unstable
    It could be a flying saucer, and could be similar to the flying saucer Penguins
    good mod ,.. sorry i use google translate
  5. CecilNailo
    Version: WIP 5.1 Cheerful Unstable
    I love it but now im singing the song.
  6. TheCreeperCyborg
    Version: WIP_5 : Glad+Cheerful
    Oh Cool A submarine mod it even has... oh wait, here goes lophatkao gain makin' 49% of the vehicle mods on the forum :3
    1. LoPhatKao
      Author's Response
      hehe ;)
      what can i say, vehicles are fun :)
  7. elii
    Version: WIP_3
    Why is every monster and NPC looking at me like I was totally mad ? I just like colorful U-boats ... This one is BEST !!!
  8. Leithal--Weapon
    Version: WIP_3
    Their is only so much you can say actually their is tons of stuff to say. The sound effects of this submarine over my surround sound system absolutely amazing had me on the edge of my couch. The rocket propelled cigar torpedoes were totally out of this world. Maybe he left this out as a surprise but these torpedoes are heat seeking torpedoes they seriously find and follow fish I seriously watched as one fish tried to run away went off screen for two seconds so I ctrl mouse buttoned over and watched as the torpedo lay in the final blow. Honestly didn't expect that. The flying aspect absolutely awesome experience. I love this mod since I really want a helicopter mod this mod will have to do. I also enter into my underwater base with this mod. Just wish we had extremely large horizontal/vertical airlock doors so I could park it and decompress and drain the water away then step out onto my base without flooding the submarine. Sorry for the ramble and as with my last review I'd like to add that a boring Nazi submarine like you were thinking of also doing would be awesome and would work with underwater base more than the yellow-submarine.
    1. LoPhatKao
      Author's Response
      I've been thinking of making some big doors to fit the sub & other large vehicles. Now that someone's requested it, will look into making them.
  9. Leithal--Weapon
    Version: WIP_1
    Okay, so this is the only Mod I have used and it is AWE inspiring! I was thinking though, I know you decided on yellow instead of the Nazi U-Boat / Every submarine colour(almost) but seriously think about U.S.C.M. you maybe a sleek torpedo model with possibly no windows, or very dark windows and to compensate maybe some high beams! Okay and I know this is getting carried away but wouldn't it be cool to be able to move frigate containers around with a sub. So you can load up your underwater base(maybe just maybe this idea is a years off)... I would like to be able to enter into my base with a submarine sometimes! Definitely an awesome work in progress also maybe other models other than the selfish one I described above would greatly increase the value of this already extremely valuable mod.
  10. PufferPig
    Version: WIP_1
    Great mod