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Themed Colony Deeds 1.6.1 for Starbound 1.4

Colony Deeds that fit in with your colonies!

  1. New Featured Deeds + More

    - Added deeds to the daily featured furniture set at Frogg Furnishing (Space, Cabin, Gothic, Island, Pastel, Sea, Spooky, Steampunk)
    - Added deeds for some of the other themed furniture sets (Doom, Geometric, Opulent, Serene, Wave)

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  2. Works in Starbound 1.2

    Works in Starbound 1.2
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  3. FEATURE UPDATE - New Deeds

    - Added Slime Block Colony Deed
    - Added Hive Colony Deed
    - Added Sandstone Colony Deed
    - Added Rusty Colony Deed
    - Added Felin Ship Colony Deed
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  4. Avali Deeds

    Added some Avali deeds:

    - Aerogel (Holographic) Colony Deed
    - Avali Ship Colony Deed
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  5. Invisible Deed, 2 New Deed Themes + Bug Fixes

    - Added Plant Block Colony Deed
    - Added Holographic Colony Deed
    - Added, wait for it, wait for it, INVISIBLE COLONY DEED

    It's invisible apart from scanning, rent and broken house, as these stages are kinda important to see. This only shows the symbol though not the whole colony deed. But normally, when the tenant and house is fine, and there is no rent due, it is invisible. Might make some tiny ones of this too but no promises.

    TLDR: It is invisible unless you need to know something.

  6. Now includes Mini and Tiny Deeds for Small Spaces

    - Added Mini Colony Deed (2x1)
    - Added Tiny Colony Deed (1x1)
    - Ship Deeds have proper icons now
  7. Hotfix [20-07-2016] & Portable Outpost Compatibility

    - Made the Ship Based Colony Deeds purchasable from Frogg Furnishing.
    - Renamed 'Colony Deed' to 'Apex Ship Colony Deed'.
    - Added Compatibility with the Portable Outpost mod. All Colony Deeds in this mod can now be purchased from the Frogg Home Delivery portable vendor.
  8. Ship Based Colony Deeds

    Colony deeds that fit in with your ships!

    This update introduces 6 new colony deeds, with the basic colony deed serving for the Apex ship.

    Now you can have a colony deed that fits in with the rest of your ship's consoles on any race.

    Here is a picture showing them off (I couldn't compare them all to SAIL as it crashes the game to have more than one but you can see the comparison of the Human one below):

    Screenshot (104).png
  9. Now works in 1.0/Unstable/Cheerful Giraffe

    Just updated the mod to work with Cheerful Giraffe, so this mod will now work in 1.0.

    There is no .modpak file yet so just extract the .zip file into [Starbound Directory]/mods

    If you want to install for the stable build (Glad Giraffe) go to the Version History Tab and download version "1.0 | Glad Giraffe" and put in [Starbound Directory]/giraffe_storage/mods