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They Dug Too Deep [Glad Giraffe] 1.1

Gives adventure-types a new way to get their core fragments

  1. Rework and Glad Giraffe 2 Compatability

    Seems like the last Glad Giraffe update broke my monsters. Went in to fix them and decided to rearrange some other bits - now the whole map has been redone. The pods which contain the core-fragment fireworks now use an altered script so they'll set off right when you activate the drill console. I'm not 100% on this, but I've got to call it a night so I figured I'd upload what I have. Enjoy.
  2. Compatability Improvement

    Nothing big to report, just changed from dirty edits to proper patches. I've been telling other modders this is a good reference, so I figured I should come back and do that bit proper.