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Tougher NPCs and Creatures + Better Loot! 1.11.4

Challenge increases, as does the durability of your allies and the quality of combat loot.

  1. glider521al
    Adventurer, do you want more challenge and reward from combat (particularly if you run a server)? Or want keep your pets and villagers around for longer?


    Current Version: 1.11.4

    Stats in a harder universe

    This mod makes all NPCs and monsters more resilient. Their health buff is ~30% (or higher for elite enemies, bosses at +100%) to aid a harder but more consistent base game difficulty (excludes✖️mech Space Encounter monsters). Most entities have a slow regen rate.
    With greater durability: crowd control becomes more strategic, particularly during missions.

    Vanilla bosses, particular bounty targets, and commanders have new/updated attack patterns.

    Durable allies

    The survivability of your A.I.-driven friends is greatly enhanced! Friendly NPCs and pets heal with a bonus
    + 0.25 x { Armor} +50 base hp to pets. Your pets can now last without having to manually revive them constantly or rare healing collars.
    Unarmed Villager health is even higher to prevent them from dying to their carelessness or a bird pecking their toes.

    +1 Pet Capacity & Active Crew Member

    You can have an additional active capture pod!

    Better Combat Rewards - Update 1.1+

    Paradoxically, the mod that increases the durability of your adversaries also decreases the grind for loot, and can save you time!
    • Most enemies drop about +50% pixels.
    • Vanilla campaign bosses always drop their rare weapon, action figurine and more on defeat. No more having to repeatedly replay that 30-minute mission for a 1-in-10 chance to get that rare trophy.
    • Ancient vaults have about 70% more ancient essence!

    Rare Monsters - Update 1.2.0

    55 Rare variants of unique creatures are 5 X more likely to be encountered in the wild (from 1% to 5% chance)!
    Most have abilities laced with elemental power!
    This should help you complete the rare pet collection.

    Pro TIP: Bounty target pets stronger still.

    Space loot updates in 1.3.X+

    • Rare weapon blueprint chests will contain the component weapons to (tier 2+).
    • You are 8-15 times as likely to get a rare space weapon/costume/instrument//horn/object during mech encounters(1.6)
    • 50% more mech parts drops (1.6)

    Smarter and Harder Bosses: 1.4+

    Overhauled behaviours makes them more aggressive and more challenging (and with Swansong fairer)
    Erchius Nightmare
    Poison Ixodoom
    Dreadwing the Conqueror
    Commander Asra Nox (both variants)
    Shockhopper MK II
    (may add more attacks)
    Stronghold/Big Ape v1.8
    Glitch Siege/Bone Dragon
    Enraged Ruin
    Vault Guardians
    The Dantalion & Swansong

    More details in discussion board:

    All enemy Humanoid NPCs have a 35% chance to drop extra items - 1.5.X+

    This includes NPCs from other mods using their treasure pool (excludes bosses as game categorizes them as monsters).
    Including otherwise unobtainable weapons

    All base game monsters + 35% loot (more for mech parts/hunting) - 1.6.X


    1.7.X This loot bonus applies to monsters added from:

      • Arcana
      • Beta Bound
      • Fire, Feast & Smoke
      • Extended Story
      • Frackin Universe
      • Project Knightfall
      • Pandora's Box
      • Shellguard
      • And more

    Commander NPC Powers and bounties (1.8 & 1.9.X)

    Evil Glitch Overlords, some gang leaders, rare bounty monsters and Miniknog generals can summon backup and have increased regeneration.
    The wicked king will always drop the crown.
    Bonus Peacekeeper Credits or pixels awarded to surviving players on victory.
    +20% bonus Rank!

    Bounty Target Powers:

      • Wilderness call
      • Lockdown
      • Master of monsters
      • Reinforcements
      • Summon Assassins
      • Underboss

    New NPC Class: Assassins (1.9.X)

    These dark and deadly warriors will challenge You with teleportation, elemental weapons, and a wide range of attack and mobility skills!

    Flexible Compatibility

    This mod works on the server side and is fully compatible with Vanilla multiplayer and just about any mod. Engineered to only update the minimum required file components to avoid conflicts. With additional synergies with other mods.

    It's the standard process for most mods:
    1. Download the mod (you may need to be logged in)
    2. Unzip the file (7z, Winrar or another GUI work fine). Though as you're reading this, you've probably already done this.
    3. Drag and drop this "Translocator Staff Mod" folder into the ./mods/ folder

    NOTE: If you are playing Starbound with Steam, the mod folder is usually located in:[Steam folder]\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods

    Have fun!


    • Does everyone who joins a server need the mod installed?
      No, the mod is server-side. There is only some buffs to pets and peacekeeper rank speed others will miss without it though.
    • What happens if I join a multiplayer server without the mod installed?
      Then it won't trigger, and you'll be subject to the stats of that server. Your pet may have slightly more health than usual though (we had to implement that patch client side to avoid conflict with other good mods). Boss health will look different.
    • Are my stats reduced? No, your player's stats remain the same. Your allies gain a regeneration bonus.
    • When NOT to install?
      If you're not yet confident with combat/equipment or are facing a particularly tanky army/tower defense from another mod etc. Uninstalling this mod at will is safe though.
    • I found a bug/something I'm not a fan of
      Please head to the forum to tell us more
    • Is loot from other mod entities affected?
    • I have another question/comment!
      Great! Please use the comments or discussion board to let us know!

    Special thanks to multiplayer testers
    • Axceptional
    • Omnimax
    • MicksMack
    • Gammaboy45

    Thank you

    To everyone who's used or shared this mod. Particularly those who've left constructive feedback for improvement or a rating to help others find it. Thanks to you, the mod has vastly evolved.

    Other Creations
    More Mods:
    (vanilla multiplayer compatible version of the items are coming):

    Our indie game:
    Aura of Worlds AuraOfWorldsIcon.jpg
    A Challenging creative tactics rogue-lite platformer
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. The_Swansong.png

Recent Updates

  1. Update Set 1.11.4
  2. Update 1.6.3.A
  3. Update 1.5.21

Recent Reviews

  1. JuniorLyra_22
    Version: 1.11.4
    Great mod!
    For casual and nostalgic Starbound playthroughs. Thanks for the updates.
  2. Is diogeruke
    Is diogeruke
    Version: 1.6.3A
    muy buen mod lo eh estado probando y esta muy bien echo y me a ayudado al avance rápido cumpliendo misiones jeje <3
    1. glider521al
      Author's Response
      Is diogeruke: gracias, eso significa mucho!
      Thank you, that means a lot!

      Up until seeing your review, I thought no one was using the planetstarbound.com version anymore.

      I have now updated the mod to

      here to; with many more features to boot!