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Tougher NPCs and Creatures + Better Loot! 1.11.4

Challenge increases, as does the durability of your allies and the quality of combat loot.

  1. Update set 1.3.X

    Final main campaign boss rework - Update
    Ruin - The scourge of the universe has been genetically enhanced by the Occasus Cult and is much more aggressive in its attack patterns
    • Will periodically spawn in an extra enemies including cultist scan droids, parasprites and tentacle creatures. The frequency will increase as the fight progresses.
    • When it summons monsters from other biomes to aid it, some of these have a chance of being the stronger elemental variants and poptops are replaced with their adult versions. Additional enemies spawn with lower health.
    • The boss will drop a random item from the rarespaceitem pool and a random high tier unique weapon on defeat + 8000 pixels (just be sure to grab it before the planet explodes).

    Patch - Survival of the Cute
    • All wild cats and dogs are now instantly capturable. No more having to injure the poor thing within half of its life in order to capture it.
    • Buffed the health of rare harmless pets of Floki, Black cat and any new Pinfriend's you find further still (this is about on par with 75% of that of high level captured bounty quest creatures).
    • Added lava immunity to all the harmless pets above. (Note: That pinfriends are procedurally generated, so if you captured one below this update it will not have the same stat buffs).

    Update 1.3.5
    Pet survivability balance
    Pet health buff formula changed to even out the drastic difference in health between creatures while scaling with player level.

    HP Bonus = [ Armor ] *0.238 +23

    (Regen bonus unchanged: +1.2 HP/s for vanilla monsters, +0.5 HP/s for creatures from other mods)

    1.3 Drop updates
    • You are 17-20 times more likely to get a rare space item during mech space encounters (particularly during enemy ship boardings).
    • Mini bosses Shockhopper MK 1 and Dreadwing drop ores at their respective tier (titanium or durasteel) and have a
      • 20% chance to drop an action figurine trophy.
      • just over 42% chance to drop a random tier 2 or tier 3 unique weapon (respectively)
      • Diamonds for the remainder of the chance
    • Chests that would normally have a blueprint requiring a boomerang/chakram/gauntlet; have a good chance of containing those weapons instead (since the recipes can be circumvented at Biggy's Reputable Weaponry)
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