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Tougher NPCs and Creatures + Better Loot! 1.11.4

Challenge increases, as does the durability of your allies and the quality of combat loot.

  1. Update 1.4.0 - Overhauled Swansong fight

    Asra Nox, knows you're coming this time, and witnessing your feats across the galaxy, has spent time re-engineering her mech for a more challenging (albeit fairer fight).
    • The Vanilla fight was highly geared towards a particular melee weapon. Most other classes of mechs would soon be unable to move in the Ophanim lazer web due to lacking DPS. The overhauled version makes the fight more balanced and varied while still remaining the hardest boss in the game.
    • Lowered the maximum number of ophanims that can occupy the arena, so that players can still move with a non melee/sniper DPS build as the fight goes on.
    • Any extra ophanim spawners will shoot red plasma bolts at the player instead.
    • At the end of each round in the first phase; the boss will spawn triplods (with batteries in them).
    • Contact damage with the mech has been removed to stop unavoidable damage from situations where the Swansong teleports onto the player in phase 2.
    • During the second phase a damaged Swansong will spawn Trifangle shooter enemies and the odd battery pickup.
    • There may be some additional tweaks later...
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