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Tougher NPCs and Creatures + Better Loot! 1.11.4

Challenge increases, as does the durability of your allies and the quality of combat loot.

  1. Update 1.5.X: Overhaul to campaign bosses + additional loot.

    All humanoid NPCs have 30% more loot
    NPCs have a 30% chance to reroll their loot pool to drop additional items. This includes NPCs from just about any mod (though excludes bosses as game categorizes them as monsters).

    Updated pet health scaling bonus
    23 + 32% max hp+armor/4.2
    50 +25% max hp
    This is so that weaker procedural pets are more viable to use in combat.

    All main Campaign Bosses have been reworked/overhauled

    • Erchius Horror - Nightmare edition The monster has had time to grow and evolve (bringing a shield/jump tech is recommended)
    • Poison Ixodoom Due to a symbiotic relationship with Pteropods, the Ixodoom has developed a taste for venom and has grown stronger.
    • Commander Asra Nox (both variants)
      The cultist leader aware that someone has reached the artifacts before her group fights more aggressively. For example she summons different cultist fighters with different dialogue as the fight progresses.
    • Kluex Summons sentries to fight alongside it
    • Big Ape v1.5 he Miniknog have been expecting an attack on the stronghold for some time, so they've been upgrading their deadly figurehead to set a trap for the resistance.
    • (The other 3 were detailed in a previous update)
    Have Fun!
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