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Tougher NPCs and Creatures + Better Loot! 1.11.4

Challenge increases, as does the durability of your allies and the quality of combat loot.

  1. Update Set 1.11.4

    • Commander NPCs with special powers
    • Improved Bounty Hunting Rewards
    • Improved item drop rates.
    • Deploy a bonus pet.
    • More durable allies
    • Improved bosses and late game missions.
    • Adversary health scaling has been rebalanced.
  2. Update 1.6.3.A

    Update 1.6.3.A

    Bosses can now drop loot from other mods
    Fixing a key bug with loot pool overrides.

    Level health scaling adjustments.
    Health scaling bonus now ranges from 30% to 200% (capping at level 6) for a more consistent difficulty

    Action figure trophy drop chance increased by about 5x
    This is for all creatures (A few exceptions with a high chance already e.g. Avian Sentries, will have a smaller...
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  3. Update 1.5.21

    • Drastically increased chance of space furniture/instrument/weapon from mech encounters (also fixing an issue with the increased probability not registering for said items).
    • Changed the regen factor on NPCs to use a custom script instead of the regeneration stat (the new script only heals them when at 1.0 hp or greater). This should fix the rare ally immortality bug, particularly with tenants
    • Added regeneration factor to hostile NPCs (0.5HP/s)
    • Tripled the healing of escort...
  4. Update 1.5.X: Overhaul to campaign bosses + additional loot.

    All humanoid NPCs have 30% more loot
    NPCs have a 30% chance to reroll their loot pool to drop additional items. This includes NPCs from just about any mod (though excludes bosses as game categorizes them as monsters).

    Updated pet health scaling bonus
    23 + 32% max hp+armor/4.2
    50 +25% max hp
    This is so that weaker procedural pets are more viable to use in combat.

    All main Campaign Bosses have been...
  5. Update 1.4.5 - Glitch Siege and Bone Dragon upgrade

    Baron's Keep - Glitch seige
    The Occasus cult realized their ineffectiveness at seige warfare; so made an uneasy alliance with some Glitch Raiders. They left out the part about genociding the universe but talked up the potential treasure.
    • Waves of enemies include cultist scan droids and evil glitch knights.
    • Balistas spawn in with mounted dark glitch knights.

    Bone Dragon - overclocked
    Still seething about losing to you...
  6. Update 1.4.0 - Overhauled Swansong fight

    Asra Nox, knows you're coming this time, and witnessing your feats across the galaxy, has spent time re-engineering her mech for a more challenging (albeit fairer fight).
    • The Vanilla fight was highly geared towards a particular melee weapon. Most other classes of mechs would soon be unable to move in the Ophanim lazer web due to lacking DPS. The overhauled version makes the fight more balanced and varied while still remaining the hardest boss in the game.
    • Lowered the maximum...
  7. Update set 1.3.X

    Final main campaign boss rework - Update
    Ruin - The scourge of the universe has been genetically enhanced by the Occasus Cult and is much more aggressive in its attack patterns
    • Will periodically spawn in an extra enemies including cultist scan droids, parasprites and tentacle creatures. The frequency will increase as the fight progresses.
    • When it summons monsters from other biomes to aid it, some of these have...