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Outdated TouhouBound: Reiji's Arc S 6-12-14 / N 10-1-14

A slightly different flavor for TouhouBound!

  1. ReijiGazpacho
    This mod is definitely broken. It will not run in its current state, and needs to be updated.

    The original mod by Kitaen Silva is probably being worked on, but I can't say when an update will happen.

    I also have a song pack filled with mostly Touhou songs. Starbound Composer is an amazing tool.

    Get the nightly version of TouhouBound: Reiji's Arc here! ...but last time I tried running it, something crashed, so something might be deprecated.

    OCTOBER FEEEEEST! Ahem, sorry about that.
    Removed artifact items as they are unlikely to serve any purpose.
    Added Nue's back item set and skirt (WIP), and their corresponding recipes.
    Added Control Rod rocket launcher. Only fires default rockets.
    All weapons (and Control Rod Flashlight) have been added to treasure pools, so hopefully they appear in chests or something. I don't have the time nor the battery capacity to test it.

    Nightly version released!
    All armors and artifacts ported in from Enraged.
    Added Control Rod Flashlight, Hakurei Gohei Shortsword, and Dowsing Rod Axe which can only be obtained with commands. Melee weapons currently only use default Uncommon Melee attacks.

    Feel free to post any assets you make that might fit in the mod, I'll give you credit for it. Can be anything: weapons, projectiles, clothing, dungeons, you name it.

    Everything below this point refers to the Enraged Koala version of this mod. This will be rewritten completely once Nightly takes over.

    Welcome to TouhouBound as it would be if it was a one-man project. I'll try to deliver as much as I can, and it'll probably be buggy.

    Here is a preview of nearly every costume set as of the 4-14-14 update.

    These costumes are all craftable from 20 Fabric at your classic Yarn Spinner. Relatively cheap, but they're only vanity.

    There are now all sorts of item drops, including common drops similar to those in the main TouhouBound mod, as well as rare artifacts dropped by mini-bosses or found in chests.
    These will be used later on to craft danmaku, spellcards, and other various goodies this mod has to offer.


    The Artifact Recycler, crafted at a crafting table, can revive these artifacts into weapons that are superior to your standard craftable weaponry!

    The Danmaku Factory, crafted at an anvil, can be used to create revitalizing Full Power and Life Tokens, empowering Faith Stars, destructive Bomb Tokens, and...

    Hey look, I taught Kosuzu how to danmaku.

    Shotcards! Utilize the power of bullet hell to destroy all in your path! You can find Shotcards either by killing minibosses or finding them in chests, or you can craft a Shotcard Generator at the Danmaku Factory and destroy it to get a random Shotcard.

    See you next phantasm...
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Updates

  1. Nightly build available!
  2. Slowing down...
  3. Doing artifact things.

Recent Reviews

  1. Marinebeast
    Version: S 6-12-14 / N 10-1-14
    Alright, so. I've been playing around with this mod a lot in my spare time recently while I wait eagerly for the next stable release; it's a lot of fun and prompted me to make an Utsuho character who goes around burning stuff and the works. Very good.

    Here's my thoughts in a bit more detail than before:

    - Clothes are nice and obtainable, no complaint. Super glad to see you working on more character outfits in the nightly, especially the Nue stuff because /aaaww yes/.
    - Wigs end up being funny on non-Human faces, however. My Utsuho Avian ends up having her beak completely disappear when she wears her wig; it just leaves her eyes behind and turns the whole face the same black shade as the rest of her body. This probably isn't too huge a problem, but I'd give it a look all the same for the folks who want to have Avian or Hyolotl or Avali characters.

    - Spellcards don't seem too overpowered-- although, higher energy costs might make more sense for both balance reasons and "because it's magic and magic needs lots of energy" or something. In tier 2, I can spam most stuff to death with a shotcard (10 DPS, ~7.00 fire rate) and not end up having any trouble at all because my energy reserves regenerate pretty fast. Either make them rarer drops or modify the energy costs for balance.
    - Also, possible ability to melt them down in a furnace and get materials back? I have a mod that does this with the randomized weapons, giving back Iron Bar x2; I'm not sure what you could turn spellcards into, but I end up discarding them all the time because they take up space and don't stack since they're weapons. ; -;

    - I see that you already addressed this in the Nightly build, but be sure to make the artifacts rare. Literally /every/ treasure chest I've found -- barring chests that exclusively give blueprints or techs -- have had the beginning form of artifacts inside them, never any usual treasure chest fare like seeds or random weapons or pixels. I like the idea a lot, and I hope they're kept around so I can keep hitting stuff with big ol' suns, but they need a rarity check so that players can still find lots of other loot.
    - That leads me to my next thought: said artifacts are really, really strong. I got a Control Rod for my Utsuho, and with it at its Tier 2 form, it can pulverize minibosses to pieces in a matter of seconds with the laser shot. I haven't tested it on the T2 boss yet, but it'll probably rip it to pieces, too. And that makes total sense because Utsuho is an overpowered bird, but my thoughts are that these need to be balanced with higher energy consumption, rarity, and/or difficulty to (re)make.
    - If you decide to take the base artifacts out completely, then just make the "renewed" versions a possibility to find in their respective tiers but really rare? Example: finding the Steel Control Rod really really rarely in t2 (maybe 0.5% at least) to make it worth a gasp when it's found.

    - Also, maybe make Life/Bomb/etc tokens not the only 100% drop from minibosses? They're dropping only those and not the usual randomized weapons; maybe add them as a guaranteed drop to the loot table, or make it a 50/50 shot to get either a token or a randomized weapon. I dunno, that's just the impression I'm getting.

    - Maybe put the statues onto a specific crafting area/table? It's kinda weird to be able to make big character statues with one's bare hands; perhaps on a specialized crafting table (possibly a themed crafting table for this mod's various artifacts/weapons and the works, I think the clothes can stay on the Loom since they fit there) or just on the Wooden Crafting Table and its predecessors.
    - (also I really like the flavor text that each race has about the statues, and I giggled at the Avian comment on the Utsuho statue. A+.)

    - I think that's everything so far. Most thoughts are loot tables, rarity, balance, etc. There's no substantial glitches that I've found, outside of the visual effects of the wigs on non-Humans. It doesn't seem to conflict with any other mods-- I'm 99.9999% certain that the settlement weirdness that I'm getting is from a few other mods.

    - Be free to drop me a PM or whatever if you want to talk to me more about this! :v I really, really enjoy this mod and would love to give as much feedback as I can if I can help it grow.
  2. TurboEryx
    Version: 6-12-14
    Spell cards! >:D
  3. Cipherstar
    Version: 6-12-14
    I'm loving it for what it has so far. A couple problems in that the Mallet seems to be held on the mallet head itself, and it's sprite looks a little broken. The arm on one handed weapons looks broken when that arm is in the background (Behind char). The cards get a little old, but they're still fun. I'd really like to see more options (Like one using daggers instead of the spheres) and just a personal hitch, I'd like to see the card sprites much smaller. They look like they're made with single large pixels, so they could probably be shrunk just fine sprite-wise, question is if you'd be able to find the time to do that just to satisfy one person's relatively minor complaint. All in all I'd really like to see more content .-.
  4. TheUniversalUniverse!
    Version: 6-12-14
    This is an amazing mod, but the original really doesn't deserve to die, Is there any way you can see about it being 'revived' or maybe message the author of the original mod or something? It was actually the first mod I got exited about on starbound, and I followed it for every update I saw, if you can't message the author or anything I understand, and thanks anyway!
    1. ReijiGazpacho
      Author's Response
      I was excited to see it and even become a part of it, but Kitaen's been offline on Steam for at least 23 days as of typing this, and seems to have not touched these forums since mid-April. The main mod might be a lost cause.
      I'm back in touch with Deliphin, however, and Alnitak might be in reach as well. Most likely all three of us are unsure what to do now that the project leader has disappeared, but I would hate to see this mod die just as much as any other Touhou fan.
      Expect this mod to update eventually, but not until after the next big update with the ship AI and whatnot. I want to see what all I can work with once that goes stable.
  5. Gir554
    Version: 5-20-14
    Originally followed this because it had more costumes than were implemented in the main Touhoubound (Which with how few features it currently has seemed the better deal to me), it did not disappoint in this. It has continued not to disappoint now that it is all their ius until (Hopefully until) the main mod is (Hopefully) continued.
  6. BliZia
    Version: 1-29-14 / Furious Koala
    This is just amazing, my favorite is Hijiri's back.
  7. darkzenon
    Version: 1-29-14 / Furious Koala
    nice costumes