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Tree Transplant 1.0.13

Transplant your trees wherever you want!

  1. Tree Transplant v1.0.13

    • Fixes renovation menu not showing up (again)
  2. Tree Transplant v1.0.12

    • Update menu for SDV 1.5 changes
  3. Tree Transplant v1.0.11

    • Adds support for mahogany trees
  4. Tree Transplant v1.0.10

    • Updated for SDV 1.5
    • Fixed flipping bug
    • UI scales properly in accordance with SDV 1.5 changes
    • Adds support for Hungarian and Italian languages
  5. Tree Transplant v1.0.8

    • Adds Turkish language support.
    • Fixes Korean grammar.
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  6. Tree Transplant v1.0.7

    • Adds support for Korean and Japanese languages.
  7. Tree Transplant v1.0.6

    • Adds support for Chinese.
    • Adds support for Portuguese.
    • Adds support for Spanish.
    • Adds support for German.
    • Adds support for French.
  8. Tree Transplant v1.0.5

  9. Tree Transplant v1.0.4

    • Adds support for the "Upgrade Community" button for Robbin.
    • Adds i18n support.
  10. Tree Transplant v1.0.3

    • Updates to support SDV 1.3.36.