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Troll Race Mod(updated) SB v1.1.1 Mod v0.9

The Troll race from Homestuck

  1. MasterChaos
    This is the Troll race from Homestuck. Currently it's in "Beta" stage. It's fully working though, just a bit basic all around.

    trollracepreview2.png trollracepreview3.png trollracepreview1.png

    What it has:

    -Default human hair as well some canonical HS troll hairs
    -Fully functional horn slider and blood color slider
    -Canon blood colors
    -Canon horns
    -Canon troll clothes
    -Race description

    I will update this for any future Starbound versions and will keep adding to the content. I am going to make armors, a ship + fully upgrade-able, weapons, more horn options, etc. I also plan to make a Cherub race mod and perhaps a full on Homestuck mod. All in due time of course.


    Some sort of race loader. I can confirm that Kawa's xbawks-mode character creation works as of V1.1.1:


    Credits and Permissions:

    A lot of the resources in this file comes from Woo-hoo's troll race mod. So this is essentially an updated version of their mod. I have messaged them asking for permission however they have not answered yet to my request. They haven't updated the mod in a long time and haven't been very active on this site in a while. So I've went ahead and uploaded this file although if they decide they do not want it up I will take it down and start working on my own resources to replace theirs.

    I greatly appreciate that I've used their resources as it's made starting this mod off a lot easier. I know Woo-hoo's original mod was highly beloved and in high demand by many and I am no exception to this. I'm not trying to steal their credit, nor their hard work. I am willing to put in just as much work as they did and if I am allowed to use these resources then I will put in lots of work to make it superior.

    Another person to credit is drpvtskittles for their Race Template mod. Without it I would've had to reverse engineer one of the default races which would've been more confusing and time consuming. So kudos to them. Vastly appreciated.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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Recent Reviews

  1. karcea
    Version: SB v1.1.1 Mod v0.9
    love, just wish it was updated with Hiveswap
  2. projectmayhem
    Version: SB v1.1.1 Mod v0.9
  3. Guy the Great
    Guy the Great
    Version: SB v1.1.1 Mod v0.9
    Steam version would be a whole lot easier, but other than that (and the 1.3 compatibility errors, which i assume are getting fixed) great mod!
  4. DanateDMC
    Version: SB v1.1.1 Mod v0.9
    Kinda shame they don't have unique armor.
  5. Morggy the penguin
    Morggy the penguin
    Version: SB v1.1.1 Mod v0.9
    Good, but i can't upgrade my ship !
  6. Pikkachemical
    Version: SB v1.1.1 Mod v0.9
    I take my old rating back, after hours and hours of bashing my head against the keyboard, I somehow got it to work, AND ITS ALL I HOPED FOR
  7. glasspug
    Version: SB v1.1.1 Mod v0.9
    Can't craft Head items because their recipes aren't in the folder but other than that everything works.
  8. Burnt_Toast
    Version: SB v1.1.1 Mod v0.9
    The mod looks really good but unfortunately i have been unable to play it since i cannot download it without all my other mods from steam being removed, would you be able to upload this mod to the steam workshop so its easier to download and use?
  9. notsoprowilcifer
    Version: SB v1.1.1 Mod v0.9
    I really like the concept. The trolls would be an excellent race to have, and I would love if some of the blood-specific powers were to come to that race as well. I do have a suggestion on an example for racial effects:


    This Slime race mod has many effects for said race, all in the form of a permanent buff to the player. I also think adding more facial features and face paint would be excellent as well, and perhaps the horn and hair styles from Hiveswap as well.

    Now all that's left is for me to wait for a Homestuck conversion mod for Starbound. *Sigh*
  10. PuddingGuy
    Version: SB v1.1.1 Mod v0.9
    This mod sounds really good and I got a good look at it from my friend on their version of the game. Unfortunately I do not know how to download mods, other than using the steam workshop. But this mod is fantastic either way!