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TSW Weapons 2.3.1 Small fixes

Weapons from The Secret World game

  1. New Weapons, new things

    -Added missing electric type to Conviction pistol on all levels.
    - Fullbright for weapons, a.k.a. glowing pixels.
    fullbright_before.png fullbright_after.png
    fullbright_before2.png fullbright_after2.png

    -New magic weapons:

    Blood focus, chaos focus and elementalism focus.
    You can change them into 3 themed types.
    bloodfocus.png chaosfocus.png elementalismfocus.png

    Demon Realms:
    Despair of the Last Host, Silent Whispering and A Warlock's Dying Wish.
    thedespairofthelasthost.png silentwhispering.png awarlocksdyingwish.png

    Black Smolder, Imiut Fetish and Synapse Inducer.
    blacksmolder.png imiutfetish.png synapseinducer.png

    The Outer Dark:
    De Vermis Mysteriis, The Trajector and Dresden Codex.
    devermismysteriis.png thetrajector.png dresdencodex.png

    Legendary weapons has alt abilities. Excluding Blood. For now I cannot make alt to work with it.

    Blood Focus is shooting stream of blood. Slow damage.
    Chaos Focus is a crossbow construct, shooting bolts.
    Elementalism Focus is shooting lightnings.

    You can exhange lvl1 legendary magic weapons for 3 Anima Shards of each type.

    Let me know if you have any problems.
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