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TSW Weapons 2.3.1 Small fixes

Weapons from The Secret World game

  1. 1.9: Fists and hammers

    -New weapon types: Fists and Hammers.
    -As always in three themes: Demonic Realms, Orochi and The Outer Dark.
    -Legendary hammers alt abilities:
    -Demonic: casts fire wave.
    -Orochi: casts electric shield around your character.
    -The Outer Dark: casts pillar of poison.
    -Changed crafting to get Anima Shards:
    -Swords are now placed in recipe with fists and hammers.
    -You can get Shards by exchanging rare range, meelee or lvl 1 legendary magic weapons.
    riverofscorpions.png saberclaw.png tirsfist.png
    castigator.png soulcrasher.png littlefriend.png
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