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TSW Weapons 2.3.1 Small fixes

Weapons from The Secret World game

  1. Post-Launch update 1.6

    It took some time for me to get idea how to mod weapons in 1.0...

    To start:
    Go to Invetor's Table lvl 2, search for:
    occulttable.png occulttable_cost.png occulttable_menu.png
    Here you can craft weapons. But first you will need to craft:
    transcrystal.png transcrystal_cost.png transcrystal_menu.png
    Here you can exchange refined aegisalt, ferozium and violium for weapon resources.

    For now there are rare type weapons only. Black Bullion will be used...
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  2. 1.5.1

    Forgot to add fixes for swords
  3. 1.5 Sound Fix

    This update fixes sounds for Demon and Orochi weapons.
    Sound format in game was changed from wav to ogg.

    Official update to Glad Giraffe
  4. 1.4 Update

    All level 9 weapons now also needs 200 Black Bullion to buy.
    You can get it in Special Shop.
    100 Orochi Compound or
    100 Filth or
    100 Demonic Metal

    This update will add more progression to get this op weapons, not just stacking money.
  5. 1.3 Update - Outer Dark set and Crafting

    Outer Dark set is avaiable.
    Added Crafting. Go to description for details.
    Weapons are more expensive now.
    Blades are more powerful.
    Unlockers are no longer needed.

    I think this project is completed :)
  6. 1.2 Orochi Group Update

    Here comes second weapons set: Orochi Group.

    Changed speed of bullets to match Pleased Giraffe new speed. They are faster now.
  7. Shop for weapons - New mod

    You can buy weapons using this mod:

    As this mod will be updated new weapons will appear there in Weapons Shop and unlockers in Special Shop

    It seems that dps value was lowered drasticly.
    But damage against target seems like before, only dps number was lowered not overall damage
  8. PLEASED GIRAFFE - Final Verdict

    Guns are working. Update not changed how gun files are operating. But I need to create new vendor/shop so you can buy this weapons(and others). They will not show in Infinity Express.
  9. Pleased Giraffe

    Testing new game update. Still cannot say if mod is working or not
  10. 1.1 Update

    Changed Crushed Will shooting sound to the same as pistol and shotgun.
    Moloch's Blade now has proper swing animation instead of this silly knife-like pointing.
    Your char will make full swing like in other two-handed blades.
    You can also now block with this sword.

    Changes will only apply to new bought weapons. Previous one will act like before. At least this is what I saw in testing.
    It took almost 3 hours for me to find the desired holding point for sword for char.
    I learned something, I...