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Unlimited FPS Mod v1.0

Play Starbound at >60fps

  1. Supernovakid1
    This is a patch version of makasouleater69's "Turn Off FPS limiter" mod. https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/turn-off-fps-limiter.5027/

    It is identical in function, but, it allows for multiple mods to edit the client.config file, provided they don't edit the same values, so it improves compatibility potential.

    client.config.patch vs the original client.config (the original replaced the entire file)

    makasouleater69 changed 4 values in client.config, which are seen in the image below, the vanilla values on the left and makasouleater69's values on the right

    I also submitted this mod to bring more attention to uncapped fps, as I do not see any way to uncap Starbound's framerate other than this mod, so I thought it was a shame it only received 3000 downloads.

    As for what their mod does, their mod allows the game to render more than 60 frames per second, it increases the game rate, it definitely seems to be speeding up the player character (perhaps someone knows how to control this behaviour), but I'm not sure if it's speeding up mobs equally, their speed logic might still be capped at 60fps, but this might just be placebo, as I'm uncertain. So this may or may not reduce game difficulty.
    Overall, it makes the game feel far more responsive, especially in combat with hits seemingly not having as much of a delay anymore.
    But if your setup can't render starbound at 60fps, this mod might make even slower.

    As for what debug says, in vanilla, you'll have a render and update rate of 60, but with this mod you can get a render rate of however many frames you can render, but the update rate changes to be reported as infinite.
    You may want to cap fps with a means of your choice (nvidia control panel, rtss, etcetera), idk what it's like to have a very fast system, the game might become too fast on very fast systems (idk 13900k or 7800x3d or something) if framerate is left uncapped or maybe not, experiment.

    All credit is due to makasouleater69 for the original uncap fps mod.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
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    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.