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Unobtainium Power (Frackin Universe Comp-Version) 1.09.1

Powerfull Mod to get more fun in early and lategame - Download Recent Updates for the NEWEST Version

  1. Armor Set & Loottable Update

    version 1.09
    Lootpool for "Legendary Monster" and "World Bosses" got some Changes.
    Legendary Monster Lootpool got more Items and Droprates has been changed too
    World Boss Lootpool got more Items and Droprates has been changed too
    Texture of "Unobtainium" has been changed to a "Purple Ingot".

    --Add "Fruit of Gods"
    -Buffs with High LifeReg, Glowing, Damage and Energyboost for 180seconds
    -Restores 100Hunger Points
    -Can only drop from Legendary Monster & World Bosses

    --Add "Godwoken2 Armor"
    -Allows to upgrade the Godwoken Armor to Godwoken2 Armor


    Version 1.08 (01.03.2018)
    --Added 3 New Amor Sets
    -Godwoken Set + Desionator Blade
    -Ruby Phenix Set + Powerthrower (Flamethrower)
    -Bio Maggot Set + Bio Maggot Claw

    --Added 3 New Techs
    -Sonic Jump (for 10 Jumps with 2.5x more Jump High)
    -Sonic Sprint (2.5x faster as normal walkspeed)
    -Climb Ball (like a Spikeball, 20% Faster and needs 20% Lesser Energy)

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