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Unofficial Modding Ebook 2.0 SB v1.05 [ Ebook v2.2a ]

Learn to make mods for Starbound 1.0

  1. Armor + Crafting Tables + More Corrections + More

    The | Suit
    · Fixed Orientations Parameter on page 22

    · Added more details to anchors on page 23.

    · Added \ Rewrote - Good Modding Practices.

    · Added Starbound Community Tools to Useful Links

    · Added more Lua Tutorials in Useful Links section.

    · Added another question to F.A.Q

    · Added Reference Section on Recipes and Learning Recipes

    · Added new Tutorial – Armors and Helms.

    · Fixed spelling of File name.

    · Added crafting table to reference.
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