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Upgraded Upgrades 1.4

Upgrade more weapons to higher levels!

  1. 1.4

    -Added support for the new weapons of Starbound 1.4, including Peacekeeper weapons, gang Neo weapons, and gang random melee weapons.
    --The Glue Sprayer is NOT supported even though it is classified as a weapon. Upgrading it would be pointless because it deals no damage (the only affected stat).
    --Like all affected procedural items, gang melee weapons will not have alternate visuals, and the star in their name will not appear until the weapon is dropped and picked up or the save is reloaded....
  2. 1.3.1

    -Tweaked visuals for a few items:
    --Tungsten Hunting Bow
    --Lucaine's Energy Whip
    --Protector's Broadsword
    -Tier patches for Upgraded Upgrades are available! You can now have your upgrade variety in any tier from 6 up to 10. Check the mod's description for more details!
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  3. 1.3

    -Extended support to shields! Note that the same caveats that apply to procedural weapons also apply to procedural shields; they will not have alternate visuals when upgraded, and the star will not appear in their name until the shield is dropped and picked up or the save is reloaded.
    -Removed check for unmodified tags before patching items. This could be a double-edged sword for compatibility, as changes by other mods will not cause the items to be skipped over by this mod, even if those...
  4. 1.2.1

    -Minor update to add support for new unique weapons added in Starbound 1.3.
  5. 1.2.0

    -Extended support to procedural weapons! I have no idea whether your Manaticon Pulsegun is a pistol, shotgun, or sniper rifle, but either way you can upgrade it now! Note that the yellow star will not appear in procedural weapons' names until they are dropped on the ground and picked back up or the save is reloaded, and that procedural weapons do not have alternate graphics when upgraded.
  6. 1.1

    -Extended support to all obtainable (and even a few disabled) non-legendary unique weapons! Ever wanted an upgraded Titanium Spear? How about the Iron Assault Rifle? Cheated in a Rock Bow and wished it were shinier? Are you crazy enough to put your Broken Broadsword to the anvil? Now you can!
  7. 1.0

    - All affected weapons now have new visuals when upgraded
    - New visuals may not fully apply to instances of the following weapons that were upgraded using the previous release:
    --Protector's Broadsword
    --Zephyr Spark Launcher
    Freshly-upgraded instances of these weapons will have correct visuals.