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UT-47 Kodiak Shuttle 2.0.3 "Alpha Centauri"

A flying Shuttle! Awesome update!

  1. Lefl
    Have you ever wanted to transport your friend to your base all at once?
    Were you ever in need of a quick Exfiltration?

    Well, I might just have the mod for you:


    From Mass Effect



    To go Up press "W", to go down press "S",
    To Shoot ( YES GUNS! ) Just Aim with your Mouse coursor and press Left Click
    It has breaks too! press "Space" to stop. (Jumping would be useless)

    It costs 25.000 Pixels and has 2000 Health and 75 Resistance.

    • Sometimes the shuttle starts to lag, if you experience the same thing, please contact me in the discussion
    Check the Changelog for Notes of the update!

    • New Particles When destroyed
    The script is available for your own use HERE
    If you have any ideas or problems, post them in the discussion.

    Big thanks to my friend BlaCraft (sadly he's not not registred here)
    For the new Sprites.

    I really Hope you like it.


    *The lua Code is free to use, but please credit me and link to this site.*

    If this should get outdated and im not updating it and you ask me for permission for updating and uploading and im not responding for 4 weeks you are free to update it for yourself and upload it again.

    If that happens, please link to this page in your mod page.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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Recent Updates

  1. Minor Bugfix
  2. vehicle controller fixed
  3. 2.0.1 "Alpha Centauri"

Recent Reviews

  1. kaotyco
    Version: 2.0.3 "Alpha Centauri"
    a nave não anda
  2. Cetek16
    Version: 2.0.3 "Alpha Centauri"
    Low resolution, useless cannon, bugged camera. It need lot of work to make this mod good.
  3. MChain
    Version: 2.0.3 "Alpha Centauri"
    And what about unarmed Cerberus version?
    BTW nice work!
    1. Lefl
      Author's Response
      I've already thought about that.
      Will probably come "soon" whenever that might be.
      But i think it will come.
  4. Kitts2307
    Version: 2.0 "Alpha Centauri"
    The necessary steps were taken to make this mod go from good to awesome. I daresay this is now likely a must-have mod for fans of mass effect.
  5. blue3sonic
    Version: 2.0 "Alpha Centauri"
    never mind got it working
  6. baconsama25
    Version: 2.0 "Alpha Centauri"
    Great mod! Shame that the current game makes the vehicles lag too much.
  7. AutumnFloran
    Version: 2.0 "Alpha Centauri"
    Very good and useful mod. But it would be nice if you add different colors.
    1. Lefl
      Author's Response
      if im going to do that, i would only add a yellow and white variant, as theyre the only ones seen in mass effect
  8. Miha5-08
    Version: 1.1 "Sol"
    1. Lefl
      Author's Response
      Thats nice! but its a bit blurry
  9. Kitts2307
    Version: 1.1 "Sol"
    While its detail is great, I can't say the scale is what I expected. I'd also very much like to see it tilt while flying, instead of sitting on only one plane. The Kodiak's mass accelerator cannons are something I'd like to see on this.

    All in all, great WIP!
    How to make it the greatest mod in the history of great mods:

    1. reactive thrusters (the front and back thrusters tilt, the bottom thrusters blast more when flying or pulling up)
    2. larger size. [not like full-scale but enough that you can put an invisible platform on it (more on that later)]
    3. reactive tilt (making the Kodiak drop shuttle tilt as it flies would make it about 300% cooler)
    4. an opening ship door! (more on that later)
    5. GUNS! (Mass accelerator cannons on the front thrusters, and a heavy turret able to be activated by opening the ship's door.)
    6. more passenger seats (this ship is designed for like ten people to ride in, I think we only get two seats as of current)
    7. Lava immunity (This one is only optional, because let's be honest. The Kodiak wasn't even tested for deep sea exploration, let alone lava. It can only be mildly assumed that this shuttle can withstand extreme heat, given that we've not yet witnessed this in person. Poison immunity, however, is definitely a must.)

    I think that you'd probably be helped a ton by looking at the script for Yellow Submarine, a mod by LoPhatKao. There are multiple modes, it has reactive tilt, and it also has a ton of crew slots. Thanks for reading this, and I hope my feedback has helped you help us!

    Kitts 2-307
    reviewer of what matters
    1. Lefl
      Author's Response
      Thanks to you, my friend made some cool sprites and i added some nice features!
    Version: 1.1 "Sol"
    this mod is sick keep up the good work :)