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Valkyrie Profile: Gear of the Destinies 1.2

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  1. "It has been a long time, Lenneth..."

    This update makes Lenneth and her weaponry compatible with 1.0, but also sees an update to alt abilities, and their animations.

    -Glance Reviver: Now uses the "traveling slash" alt ability, and is energized with electric power. This sword still needs that special something to make it feel more like the original. I actually plan to alter it's primary attacks swings, and add a freezing effect to it's alt ability. Expect to see it change soon!

    -Spear of the Nibelung: Now looks and feels more like Nibelung Valesti! Lenneth now holds the spear above her to charge and thrust into foes. A custom swoosh effect mimicking the original effect was implemented. I'm also working on a particle trail for this one, but it's not entirely working at the moment. This weapon has three primary swings, dealing electric damage.

    -Sylvan Bow: Graphics almost completely updated for this one. It now glows, and the projectile changes depending on a perfectly timed release. If timed right, you'll launch the double arrow chain projectile. Both projectile types have a pretty trail effect, too. It's alt ability launches projectiles that bounce, and if you have a perfect release on this one, you can still launch a double arrow chain and watch as it breaks into many arrows upon hitting a wall, bouncing back across rooms!

    -Valkyrie Soul Crystal Crafting Station: Those who have played this mod from it's initial release, will notice that the crafting station is always on now. I'm having trouble fiddling with the LUA file to get it to animate the way it did before.
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