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Outdated Vanilla-Flavored Prismatic Planets [Unstable] 1.0

Get Prismatic randomness in a more vanilla-friendly form!

  1. ReijiGazpacho
    This mod was built to work with the unstable build. I can't guarantee functionality for other branches.
    And by that I mean it's incredibly likely to not work on other branches.

    If you've played with the Prismatic Stars mod, you'll know what this is. If you haven't...

    Tired of going through the same fiery planets just to get good weapons, and only ever going elsewhere for sidequests? Not to mention how predictable the planets are? Why not spice things up with some prismatic planets!?

    They look like this in your cockpit.

    When you visit them, you'll get a planet that could be, but probably isn't exactly, this.
    I suppose a bioluminescent snow landscape inside a lava ocean would be more dramatic, but this was the first thing I captured. Deal with it.

    What are these odd planets?
    These are the most random balls of rock, dirt, ice, poison water, etc that you'll ever see on your Starbound adventure! And with threat levels ranging from Mostly Harmless all the way to Inconceivable, there's always a challenge waiting to be discovered!
    By the way, the planet's primary biome may require you to wear a certain nanosuit, as most mid-to-late-game planets do. Make sure you have access to the proper suit if a planet demands it, or you will have trouble exploring that planet.

    So where do you find them?
    Simple. They completely replace the Forest planets found in Gentle stars. This should, in theory, make them completely safe to put on a server and generate for your vanilla friends to explore!
    Basically go roam some Gentle stars. You'll know when you've found one.

    How does installation/uninstallation work?
    To install, like most mods, just extract the VanillaPrismatic folder from the .zip into the Starbound/giraffe_storage/mods folder. You'll find these wacky new planets once you jump into uncharted space. No universe reset required!
    To uninstall, delete the VanillaPrismatic folder from the mods folder. These planets will still function properly, so you still won't have to reset the universe!

    Anything else I should know about?
    The original Prismatic Stars does have features this mod doesn't. Mainly the hollow prismatic planets that house entire planets within a barren crust. This mod should also be able to coexist with Prismatic Stars with no problems.
    Should you be playing with Frackin' Universe, any content added to vanilla biomes may appear on these planets, but entirely new biomes will not appear.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. starbirdie
    Version: 1.0
    It's not working yet for Giraffe Upbeat. I can try later after an update. Thank you.
    1. ReijiGazpacho
      Author's Response
      I just remembered I based this on the Unstable branch, so you were probably trying to use it on a different branch that might not have the biomes this mod looks for.
      Mods are weird like that, I guess. My fault for not mentioning the branch earlier.