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Vespoids! 1.04

Adds a race of nature loving bees/wasps to the game.

  1. More fixes

    Fixed Armors running animation.
    Tenants are working properly now, with quest support and crew members.
    Furniture is now craftable.
    Added two combat related items to allow vespoid guard spawning. (Recolored floran spear rack. xD)
  2. Ship fix

    Fixed an error in tier 6, 7 ,and 8 ship upgrades pixel art.
  3. Armor and item crafting fix

    Just another series of problems that I should've seen before updating to the site. :/ Whoops.
  4. Cinematics fix.

    Now you can die and respawn without your pc exploding. ^!^ Also you are able to teleport now.
  5. Fixed teleporter

    Well, this fix was fun. xD Find me more everyone! Not that I like fixing errors on my end but... @!@
  6. Fixed teleporter!

    Well, this fix was fun. xD Find me more everyone! Not that I like fixing errors on my end but... @!@
  7. Working okay, I hope. @!@

    My head hurts, they changed some things again that I didn't understand. So here I give you the Vespoids, hopefully working fully with the 1.0 release.

    And again, if anything goes wrong, please message me.

    My races are using the human startup mission.
  8. NPC Suicide fix

    So, I have noticed, as I've started playing again, that EVERY NPC town with guards I came across, the guards randomly poofed dead, turns out that my guard.config.patch was apparently shattered in some ways and was writing errors up and down the hooha!

    So that said, I fixed that by temporarily removing the guard lines from said file. Once I figure out what happened/I did wrong, I will place them back in.

    Enjoy. ^!^
  9. Armor bug fix

    Thanks to Combine244 for pointing that out. No longer hitting like a twig, now you're stinging like a bee.
  10. This was a bit tricky to update. xD

    Made to work with the new formats and strings, armor was broken (fixed), the liquid patch was no longer needed (Deleted and redid it), and the new Hive items collided with my own. (Renamed Vespoid instead of Hive. EX: Hivebed is now Vespoidbed.)

    As always, if you find anything awkward, broken, bugged, or, w/e, lemme know. ^!^
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