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Vespoids! 1.04

Adds a race of nature loving bees/wasps to the game.

  1. A major fix!

    Okay, so I have NO IDEA how these got passed me to begin with and for that, I'm sorry.

    Fixed a typo for the description of the Royal Armor.

    Fixed Honey Comb Blocks being Perfectly Generic Items upon mining/dropped.

    Fixed a major gamebreaking messup on the liquid honey, all should be good now.

    Thank you very much Dark_Chaos for letting me know. Thanks a ton mate.
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  2. Name fix

    It has come to my attention that some more, "Inappropiate" names in the name generator were still there from long ago, when I was messing with the mod for a friend, which used bad name alts. So, after getting a recent review I have finally remembered to REMOVE THE DARN THINGS!

    Sorry for anyone else that was upset with the names for the prefabs. I hope to actually put more in that are cute and user friendly.

    Once again, my bad. :/
  3. Compatible with CLeF

    Title, also Removed Bare Chest and Bare Legs armor as well due to other issues.

    Also, if anyone knows how to fix the Morphball visual bug, please, lemme know cause it's present in this version and I don't think I changed the tech or the vespoid sprites.
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  4. Compatability

    Added compatibility for FrackinUniverse.
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  5. TENANTS! 1.1.1?

    Repaired the male body. Was missing leg textures on two different sprites. All should be good for now...unti I find something else wrong. xD Sorry for all these updates.
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  6. TENANTS! 1.1?

    Uploaded the wrong body file for females, rectified.

    Just that, added Tenants of the race with guards using the vespoid armor. Custom greetings as well.

    Now using Kelthazan's Idea for the blurred wings while jumping. Thanks dear. ;3 You get a hug from a skunk. <3 *hugs*
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  8. another armor fix and more ship text fix.

    Just that.
  9. Gah, ship text...and bed time.

    Just a fix for the ship upgrades still asking for items such as uranium that is unobtainable.

    fixfixfixzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *flies off*
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  10. Armor nerf!

    So, I just took battle to DarkWing the Aqua Bird. xD And my nice, new Titainium armor was so darn well fashioned...that they did 0 damage to me....

    So I got to looking around the newer asset files, armor had been nerfed to new values. So the Vespoids armor was like....was like that one moderator on Minecraft with OP Diamond Armor.

    Thus said, I redid all values to mimic those of the base races. Should be a lot more balanced now.
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