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Voided: Expansion Mod (WIP)

Extended Story, rethought from the ground up

  1. Lunar Eye Gaming
    This mod contains flashing lights and other content that may cause discomfort in people with photosensitive epilepsy.
    This mod will also permanently alter your players and universe. It is recommended that you backup your storage folder.
    This mod is completely untested in multiplayer; expect a lot of bugs during your experience.

    Voided: Expansion Mod (or simply Voided) is the Extended Story Mod rethought from the ground up. It focuses on adding post-game content to the game, but it is currently a work in progress and only features one dungeon: The Ancient Stronghold. This mod is designed to be primarily a single player experience, but I will note and attempt to fix multiplayer-related bugs. In the far future, it aims to add seven new biomes and some content associated with those biomes.

    • A new mission: The Ancient Stronghold
    • A new and challenging boss encounter
    • Ancient weapons and armor (with a new set bonus), all with a new rarity
    • More to come at a later date!
    Installing this mod is straightforward for the most part. Simply follow the download link, download the .pak file or the source code and place it in your "mods" folder.

    Getting Started
    Since this mod is intended to be post-game, it is recommended that you use an existing tier 6 character. To access the Ancient Stronghold, you must find and unlock its entrance on a Magma planet. Note: You do not need to beat the main story in order to access it.

    Supper's Combat Overhaul causes issues with some of the enemies in Voided, especially bosses. However, Voided includes support for More Planet Info.

    It is compatible with Frackin' Universe and Extended Story.

    This mod uses the prefix "v-" in all of its IDs.

    All custom sounds were made in Audacity using vanilla Starbound's assets

    I would like to thank Portal Mech for playtesting the current mission and providing feedback and ideas for it.

    Screenshots were taken using the Steam version of Starbound and mods installed on the Steam Workshop. Additional mods used in screenshots: Frackin' Interface, Stardust Core Lite, Improved Damage Particles, Stack Enlarger SE, Better (C) Pick Ups, Better Action Bar & Icons, Refined Cursors

    Feedback describing how your experience was overall will be greatly appreciated. All feedback is to be posted in the discussion section of this mod or as a review on the mod page.

    Please report all bugs you encounter in the discussion section of this mod. I especially encourage you to report any multiplayer-related bugs.

    Steam Version
    GitHub Repository
    Known Bugs

    Click on one of the screenshots below to view all of them in full.
    211820_20220618185802_1.png 211820_20220618205420_1.png 211820_20220618205700_1.png 211820_20220618205741_1.png 211820_20220618205955_1.png 211820_20220618210037_1.png 211820_20220618210057_1.png 211820_20220618185257_1.png 211820_20220618185358_1.png 211820_20220618190130_1.png
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Release
  2. Release 0.1.1