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Wasp Hive racemod 1.4

A race of hive insectoids, out for all the sweets they can get

  1. Captains chair crash fix

    Changed the captains chair object.
  2. Mech crash fix

    Added the required cinematic
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  3. TileID shift

  4. Hive for rent!

    Added wasp hive tenants to the mod, including:
    • villager
    • guard
    • merchant
    The merchant tenant has fixed merchant pool, selling papercomb furniture, paper, sugar and a new codex.

    Added augment slots to the racial armour chestpieces.
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  5. Hotfix 1.3

    Fixed recipes for hexpapermicrowave, hexpapercup and hexpaperkettle.
    Fixed description for hexpaperalcoveshelf2.
    Hopefully fixed issue with shelves rendering over objects.
  6. Hotfix 1.3

    Forgot to give wasp hives the recipe for wingspeedstim. Oops.
  7. Hotfix 1.3

    Fixed hivepoison not working.
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  8. Hotfix 1.3

    Fixed legs5stim item not having correct status effect.
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  9. Armours!

    Added T2-T5 armours, T3/4/5 sprites are WIP.

    Armours provide EPP protections when full set is worn. You can mix and match the sets, but it will only provide the lowest common bonus (eg, T2 legs, T3 chest and T4 head equals breath protection).

    For FU users - the armour sets will provide extreme immunity at the same level as the vanilla bonuses. Do tell if I need to throw more statuses on there, since I don't really play FU myself.

    Also added paper cup, kettle, desk and chair and a pretty...
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  10. 1.2 hotfix

    Fixed the crash when player took off wings without having any other techs unlocked.
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