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Weapon Assembly 2.1.3

This mod will let you break weapons into parts and then combine the parts into new weapons!

  1. Put some color in your mods

    Put some color in your mods
    You can now recolor weapons from:
    • God Dame Anti-Material Rifles
    • God Dame Crossbows
    • God Dame Flamethrowers
    • God Dame SMGs
    • Quarterstaff Armory
    • Weapon Megapack - Some weapons are meant to be uncolourable
    • Supper's Weapons Mod - Some weapons are meant to be uncolourable
    With a bit of luck, this should make you able to recolor any random weapon.

    If you have "Manuf. touch" installed, you might be unable to paint ANY weapon.
    Is a minor bug and the solution has already be sent to @Kitikira

    If you have "Supper's Weapons Mod" from Steam and "Weapon assembly" from the forums, you will be unable to paint Supper's weapons, until i release this on Steam, you need both mods from the forums (Load order issues :nurusad:)
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