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WIP: Explorer Pod Vehicle 1.3.2

A exploration porpuse vehicle so u can fly and dive alrough.

  1. Glitch fix

    Fixed the glitch explorer pod name
  2. Glitch Explorer Pod

    Added the Glitch Explorer Pod

    You can buy it at at penguin pete's shop for 38.000 Pixels
    or spawn it via command : /admin
    /spawnitem glitchexplorerpodcontroller

    fixed the rear thruster animation to proper match with the thruster position.


    1. ss18.jpg
    2. ss17.jpg
    3. ss16.jpg
  3. Portable Outpost support

    I made changes on the color from the Novakid Explorer Pod cabin : Remove saturation of the color (someone said that it was looking like Santa's vehicle >.< )

    Add support to Portable Outpost mod

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  4. Novakid Explorer Pod

    Now the Novakid are fully implemented in game, it cost 40,000 pixel at Penguin Pete's Vehicle Lot hope u like it!

    Well for the next explorer pod i'll probably do glitch or floran, look like everybody want to see floran and glitch explorer pod... and the floran one i guess it will be very hard to think in a design :rofl:, may the next update will need more time.

    See ya :) .

  5. Avian Explorer Pod

    I've fixed some stuff and finally finished the avian, I want to do all racial explorer pods and some recolor to the basic one, elso support some custom race.( i really love the viera race, thanks AmazonValkyrie).
    • Added: Avian Explorer Pod and it costs 38,000 pixel on Penguin Pete's Shop
    • Fixed some error on the attach glowing layer that was mismatched
    • Fixed itens on the Penguin Pete's Vehicle Lot (the explorerpod was not appearing on the shop).
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  6. Hylotl and Avian explorer pod

    Add new Hylotl Explorer Pod and a test version of the Avian Explorer Pod.
    The prices were reajusted:
    Explorerpod now costs 35k pixel and hylotl explorerpod 40k pixel

    now i'm trying to do the rest of the racial explorerpod and some recolor.

    until next time.

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  7. Environmental Protection add

    Now the vehicle will protect you from environmental damage as poison and magma.
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