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WIP: The Viera of Ivalice 0.3.2

The Viera of Ivalice have fled to the stars

  1. Bug fixes & a new waystone

    This update fixes all of the visual issues experienced with wearing wigs purchased from Nanzie's shop. all ears now display properly. Descriptions for each hairstyle have also been implemented, as what I had originally was just one description for the entire set of wigs. I also fixed all of the wig icons.

    The gramophone has been removed from the existing village (which again will be completely replaced in the future). The gramophone was causing some crashes for players.

    A craftable magicite waystone (teleporter) has been added for players to build with. You'll find it under the decorative tab on the Woodworking table. I may move it's crafting location to another station in the future, so this may be a placeholder spot.
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