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WIP: The Viera of Ivalice 0.3.2

The Viera of Ivalice have fled to the stars

  1. Quick bug fix

    -Fixed a crash regarding the Viera mech crafting menu

    -Fixed teleportation bookmarking issues with the new waystone. Also slowed it's animation and removed an upper collision area.
  2. Bug fixes & a new waystone

    This update fixes all of the visual issues experienced with wearing wigs purchased from Nanzie's shop. all ears now display properly. Descriptions for each hairstyle have also been implemented, as what I had originally was just one description for the entire set of wigs. I also fixed all of the wig icons.

    The gramophone has been removed from the existing village (which again will be completely replaced in the future). The gramophone was causing some crashes for players.

    A craftable...
  3. Rework to original Tenants system and a few extras

    Update Notes:

    -Remade Mod Overview page! Check it out! Any information needed should be obtainable from the overview page. If there's anything you all would like to suggest I add to the mod page, I'm open to ideas. I also added a section for Viera lore to introduce them as a race, and I added a prologue that explains how they've gotten to where they are. As the mod becomes more fleshed out, it will eventually accommodate the prologue in gameplay! Hope you like the story I've come up with....
  4. Fixing a major muck-up

    Due to my constantly, and absent-mindedly doing all my testing in admin mode, I didn't realize that I hadn't added all the new tiles and a few objects to the viera.species file. This means if you were playing without admin mode on, you wouldn't be able to see and craft them x_x

    - Above mentioned is now fixed with all the new tiles craftable and several decorative objects. This includes all new Dalmascan tiles, and pastel tiles (all with recolors!), and a teapot, teacup and Warren Entry way...
  5. Viera Teleporter Waystone added to ship

    -Added the new Viera teleporter: The Waystone. Based on the look of the waystones in Final Fantasy XII, this felt like a great fit! Hope you all like it ^_^

    More for the ship on the way!
  6. Fuel Hatch UI Fix

    This update fixes the UI for the Viera fuel hatch I had created. I didn't realize that it was overriding all the vanilla race's fuel hatch UI. It is not doing that now lol. I think I also neglected to mention that I had even added the UI x_x
  7. Fixed some issues, added two new ship objects

    - biome.patch name fix (affected magicite spawn)

    -crystallight1 conflict with Kazdra mod. This was causing some problems for those who use both Viera and Kazdra. Object name was changed to prevent the issue

    -Salve Maker and Casual clothing set dye corrections. I didn't list a default color in the color options for these and because of that if you tried to dye them, it would use the next color string, as opposed to the one selected.

    -Inability to craft refined Magicite crystal. This one...
  8. Revitalization of all Objects & Tiles + New Objects & Tiles

    Finally an update, riiiiiight?!

    I haven't had a chance to take screenshots as per usual for my updates so I'm just going to list everthing:

    -All previous objects and tiles have been re-touched. Some looks may still change, but all tiles now have color options, so you can paint each one! I've utilized the color schemes seen in architecture across Ivalice to create the various options. I'm aiming to do the same for all of the objects in the future as well.

    -Over 40 new tiles all with color...
  9. Pet Fix

    Hey all, finally posting the fix for the Chocobo pet. No new additions have been released with this version, although I have a *lot* I am eager to show. A lot of revisions/changes of the existing content are still in progress as well as many new additions. I'm aiming to rebuild the existing village, and build all further structures through Tiled, though I am still too unfamiliar with adding custom objects/tiles to the program. Progress on all this has been sluggish the past several weeks...
  10. Take what's large and make it small again

    This update is just a simple conversion to .pak form. It should help your machines run smoother when loading. So sorry it took me ages to upload it in this form >_<
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