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WTM Teleporter Mod V3.2 V3.2

An alternative teleporter system with many more features than Vanilla system

  1. doctortee
    Quick description : A mod to create a new Teleportation network, to teleport to other locations of the same world without reloading the whole map.

    Download the "HLib_stable.pak" file

    Steam Link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1268222595

    Usage Example (Sorry for poor quality, website limitations) : ezgif-5-d73daf61ef.gif

    Tutorial :

    [h1]0. Notes, warnings, etc...[/h1]
    This mod is using HLib, a set of scripts that Hiran made to help mod devs. You can't use WTM 3.2 without it. Link : https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1189065705
    (Non-Steam : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dapxh36y6j4vlpj/AABXWhzp_eUSCzuRMpFf7vfSa?dl=0
    Use HLib_stablelatestBuild.pak )
    Current version of the mod : 3.2
    This is the current stable version.
    This mod was tested for a long time, and shouldn't have any problem. If you find one, please contact me ASAP on forums, or on our discord server (link on the bottom)

    [h1]1. Description[/h1]
    WTM Teleporter Mod (Recursive Acronym) is a mod which provides a new teleporting bookmark management system. It uses its own data storage format, and allows much more sorting functions than the Vanilla system.
    It also provides objects with specific features, to help players to build an efficient teleporting network.

    Items :
    - The WarpBook : The core of the mod, as it is providing a UI with the WTM system. Using it, you can save positions, and teleport to them. It also has many sorting features, while Vanilla only have one common list.
    - The DataCard : An item used to transfer datas between WTM objects
    - The CEC (Custom Expansion Cards) : An upgraded version of the datacard, able to store many datas.
    - The PassCards : A specific datacard which carries passwords you can use to auth on WTM objects, and lock them.
    - The Beacon : A teleporter, able to store bookmarks, and teleport you to them
    - The OWT (One-Way Teleporter) : A tiny teleporter which only stores one set of coordinates
    - The Light-Beacon : A smaller version of the OWT, which allows to teleport monsters and NPCs
    - The Server : A back-up tool, which can be used to transfer datas between players
    - The Dispenser : An object able to create and update CEC
    - The WorkBench : The object you need to craft anything
    - The Security Station : An object which allows you to remove the lock you set on several WTM objects
    - The Configurator : A tool used to manipulate datacards, or to configure the OWT
    - The ShapeShifting Teleporters : Some objects which acts like Teleporters (OWT/Beacon/LightBeacon/Vanilla Teleporter), but which can take the look & shape of any vanilla object.
    - The TempBeacon : A "fake" object needed by ShapeShifting Teleporters

    [h1]2. F.A.Q.[/h1]
    - My game crashed because of this mod / The objects aren't answering / I got an error message in my logs
    > Please contact me on the steam workshop forum page, or on my Discord server.

    - What is HLib / Why is it needed ?
    > HLib is a set of scripts written by Hiran to help mod devs (like me). As I'm using many of his functions, this is a requirement.

    - Where are the crafts ?
    > You need to craft a WTM Workbench at the Architect's Station. All the other objects can be crafted from this object.

    - How can I use XXX object ?
    > Check the steam workshop page. Each WTM object also have its own "Help" tab which explains quickly how to use them. You can also check the video on this page.

    - Can I ask for features ?
    > There is a forum topic for that. You can also join us on discord to talk about your idea

    [h1]3. Useful Links and Thanks[/h1]
    Discord server : https://discord.gg/ejvfZ2a

    Many thanks to Hiran, for his help, since the beginning of this mod
    Thanks to Sigma64 for his graphics (server / workbench) which I used to create some other objects (Import Tool, dispenser)
    Special thanks to Xalibur, for his assets (WarpBook (full sized) and Configurator) and to LeonTheLeon (Security Station and alternative skin for OWT)

    [h1]4. Changelog[/h1]
    3.0 : Initial release
    3.1 : Adds the Dispenser and the Expansion Cards system.
    3.1.11 : Adds the Light Beacon, PassCards and Security Station.
    3.2 : Adds the ShapeShifting Teleporters
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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