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WW Furnishing 2.6

Various themes for all your furnishing needs: CT-EXE, Cirque du Sombre, Gothic Lolita, Greek, etc

  1. Version 2.6 Blast from the Past has arrived!

    ♦️ Additions:
    × 3 New themes: RetroATOMIC, Ride the Vaporwave & Totally Radical.
    × New drinks:
    • Beetle Juice by Kevin
    • Essence of Science by Kevin
    • Pickle Juice by p_trevogin
    • Scottish Deathwish by Raiizy
    × New clothing items in the Wisteria Whisker's District clothing shop.
    × Following themes had new items added:
    • Artist's Supplies
    • Autumn Breeze
    • Cirque du Sombre
    • Clockwork, Pipes & Cogs
    • CT-EXE
    • Frills & Roses
    • Gothic Lolita
    • Home Essentials
    • Mystic Moon & Sparkly Star
    • Nautic & Sea Voyage
    • Neo Imperial & Zen
    • Sleek & Elegant
    • Spooky Kitty
    • Spring Festival
    • Starry Galaxy
    • Tropical Summer Dream
    • Vintagely Upcycled
    • Winter Wonderland
    • Wisteria Whiskers
    × New Wallpaper: Marble Wallpaper.
    × Winner of our design a secret area contest which was held in our Discord server back in November, u/PaperAirship, had his design added to our instance along with his character Rio.
    × Runnerup's character, Astro, has been added to the instance as well.

    ♦️ Changes & Fixes:
    × Multiple grammar/spelling mistakes were corrected. Thanks Kevin!
    × Craftable shop was changed to the 2nd Tier of the Inventor's Table to be less intrusive in regular game progression.
    × Laptop sounds were slightly lowered.
    × Multiple items had lighting brightness adjusted.
    × Following themes were reworked and/or revised completely:
    • Clockwork, Pipes & Cogs
    • Spring Festival
    • Starry Galaxy
    × Storage containers in the Luxurious Casino theme had the black lines going across the designs changed to the same color of the designs to be more seamless.
    × CT-EXE Ad Board was reworked.
    × CT-EXE Coffee Table was changed to CT-EXE Cocktail Table as an actual low coffee table was added. If you have issues with invisible platform left behind by the old object, try the "Ghost Hatch/Door Remover" mod.
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