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Outdated XS Corporation Mechs 1.05

Adds more mech tech!

  1. Update 1.05 - New Mech - Bugfixes - Other Updates

    = 1.05
    - All mechs can now crouch
    - Pirated Rho now has heavy machine gun instead of pyro cutlass
    - - High rate of fire bullet weapon with wide spread and strong recoil
    - - Recoil is reduced while crouching, increased while in the air
    - - Gun has a short charge time before engaging in automatic fire
    - Sigmas now have fall protection like other mechs
    - Sigma hover boosters can now maneuver better
    - First release of R-11 Ronin Rho Mech (tier 8)
    - -...
  2. Update 1.04 - Hotfix for Enraged Koala

    Just a quick hotfix to enable compatibility with Enraged Koala.
  3. Update 1.03 - New mech: Pirated Rho Mech Tech!

    = 1.03
    - Fixed bug in which player appeared backwards when using melee attack in Rho mech while walking backwards
    - First release of R-03C Pirated Rho Mech
    - - FEATURES:
    - - Slower, heavier version of the Rho
    - - Weapon "Pyro Cutlass" with lower base damage but strong damage over time
    - - Graviton hook is basically telekinesis; moves enemies to mouse cursor, can throw creatures etc.
    - - Dramatic appearance, Rubium skull faceplate and Impervium armor...
  4. Update 1.02 - New mech: Rho Mech Tech!


    = 1.02 Changelog
    - Adjustments to how high a block wall mechs can climb:
    - - Sigma/Elite no longer can climb 3-high blocks. They can climb 2-high.
    - - Theta mech can now climb 3-high blocks, but not 4.
    - Animation adjustments to Theta
    - Optimized rail cannon beam for Theta
    - - Used to spawn a maximum of ~ 300 projectiles at 100 range
    - - Now spawns at very maximum ~ 86 projectiles, more likely under 70 at 100 range
    - Renamed entire file structure to...
  5. Update 1.01 - New mechs!


    1.01 Changelog
    - First release of T-17 Theta Mech
    - - Heavy mech tech
    - - Railgun that penetrates through terrain
    - - Incendiary grenades
    - - Ground cracks beneath feet when landing heavily, also landing animations/immobility
    - - Heavy jumpjets facilitate mobility
    - - Emergency jumpjets automatically slow descent if falling too quickly