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XS Mechs - Vehicle Edition 1.16a

6 Excessively Destructive mechsuits - Cheerful Giraffe

  1. iMisterX
    Version: beta - THETA
    Haven't seen what you actually did but here are 5 stars as heads up, because some idiot gave 1 star for no reason whatsoever.
  2. Mundus
    Version: beta - SIGMA
    well done
  3. Gratuitous Lurking
    Gratuitous Lurking
    Version: beta - SIGMA
    Just the fact that this is getting updated to the Vehicle system and not getting abandoned in one form or another is enough to give it the 5 stars. I loved the mechs then and I'm sure that won't change when they're all ported and functioning :D
  4. GeekMan
    Version: beta - SIGMA
    Also can you make it so you cant see ur character in the luxury sigma pls coz its kinda annoying that i see my stick that i have on my back poke out of the launchers.
    as always keep up the good work and updates :D
    1. LoPhatKao
      Author's Response
      making the char invisible turns off all the light sources .. you would not get any light from your stick or the mech. I could set ir so you are naked though, to hide stick.
  5. Enforcer758
    Version: beta - SIGMA
    It's a great mod, I look forward to using this mod more fully once all mechs are functional.
  6. betailas
    Version: beta - SIGMA
    FINALLY! I thought it will never be updated. A lot of thanks!
  7. Ainzoal
    Version: beta - SIGMA
    This was already an amazing mod but now that I can enact my dream of having a courtyard of mech for my imaginary brigade outside my base, it's even more godlike