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Zelda Gear 1.2.1

Add Zelda-themed furniture and equipment to your game!

  1. Derejin
    TitleImage.png Armor Fits Screenshot.png Breath of the Wild Zelda Dress.png Ocarina Stuff.png Sheikah Stuff.png Wind Waker Stuff.png Shop Interface Pic.png New Shop Location.png
    You can purchase these items inside the game from the Shiekah Ancient Oven.
    The Ancient Oven is available to purchase from Terramart. Go have fun!

    -Added Midna's Fused Shadow helmet.

    -Sharpened up the Hylian Wingrest, the Sheikah Shielded Meditation Table, and the Triforce Replica (Large).

    -Smoothed out the Sheikah Ancient Oven - should have a smoother animation and be less blurry overall.
    -Fixed issue with dyes for basically all armor pieces.

    Initial Release!

    None so far!

    Current Gear List:

    • ==Weapons==
    • Biggoron Sword
    • Boulder Breaker
    • Fierce Helix Blade
    • Great Eagle Bow
    • Scimitar of the Seven
    • Razor Sword
    • Gilded Sword
    • Great Fairy's Sword
    • Bow of Light (Breath of the Wild)
    • Hero's Bow (Twilight Princess)
    • Master Sword (w/ special sounds and animation for special ability!)
    • Master Sword 1-handed version
    • Sword of the Six Sages
    • Zelda's Sword (Twilight Princess)

    • ==Shields==
    • Daybreaker
    • Deku Shield
    • Mirror Shield (Majora's Mask)
    • Mirror Shield (Wind Waker)
    • Ordon Shield
    • Hylian Shield

    • ==Armor== (has no stats: they're purely for use in the cosmetic slot. All have male+female versions.)
    • Fierce Tunic
    • Fused Shadow (Midna's Helmet, from Twilight Princess)
    • Ganondorf's Armor (Twilight Princess)
    • Majora's Mask
    • Snowquill Set
    • Tunic of the Wild
    • Tunic of the Sky
    • Tunic of Twilight
    • Tunic of Time
    • Tunic of the Wind
    • Zelda's Exploring Gear (BOTW)
    • Zelda's Formal Dress (BOTW)
    • Zelda's Dress (Twilight Princess)

    • ==Furniture==
    • Sheikah Ancient Oven - the Shop!

      =Wall Decorations
    • Hylian Wingcrest
    • Sheikah Wall Light
    • Sheikah Wall Light (Large)
    • Map of Hyrule (BOTW)
    • Map of Hyrule (Twilight Princess)
    • Wind Waker Legend Scrolls (from the Wind Waker intro cutscene - 6 of them!)
    • Spiritual Stones: Kokiri, Goron, and Zora
    • LonLon Ranch Sign

      =Regular Furniture
    • Sheikah Floor Light
    • Sheikah Floor Light (Tall)
    • Sheikah Floor Light (Wide)
    • Sheikah Console (works with wires, has custom sounds)
    • Sheikah Meditation Table
    • Sheikah Metal Chest (works for storage, custom sounds)
    • Sheikah Shielded Meditation Table (the one the monks sit in: it works!)
    • LonLon Milk Jar Arrangement
    • Triforce Replica (desk size)
    • Triforce Replica (normal size)

    • ==Other Goodies==
    • Hylia's Harp
    • Makar's Violin
    • Ocarina of Time
    • Rito Harp (Wind Waker)
    • Ganondorf's Cape (Twilight Princess)
    • Master Sword Sheath (back item)
    • Sheikah Metal Block


    Hylian Shield edited from image retrieved from
    [i]Breath of the Wild[/i] Hyrule Map image edited from image of map
    [i]Twilight Princess[/i] Hyrule Map image edited from image of map
    [i]Wind Waker[/i] Intro Images edited from images retrieved from the Zelda Wiki, 6/2/2017
    Font for screenshots from dafont.com
    Sounds for Sheikah furniture recorded from [i]Breath of the Wild[/i] gameplay
    2-Handed Master Sword charge up noise recorded from [i]Skyward Sword[/i] gameplay
    All the other sprites and items: me, Derejin!
    My actual name is Derek Baumgartner. :P
    The Legend of Zelda is an intellectual property owned by Nintendo.
    All of the assets in this mod are based upon their work, and this mod is non-profit.

    Other Info:
    • You may utilize this mod and assets from this mod to create other mods, IF YOU GIVE ME CREDIT. Link back here (or to another site where I am the person who uploaded the mod), please, as well!
    • You do NOT need permission from me to create patches for this mod (for overhauls, etc.). Go nuts!
      But still, give me credit for the initial mod. :p
    • As of now, I will be the only person to upload this mod, and it will be available on the Steam Workshop and the Starbound mod forums. Please do not download from other sources, as they're not from me, unless it's part of a modpack!
    • I may build upon this mod. I spent a long time on it, and I have ideas for additional goodies - guess it depends on response and how I feel about it. :p
    • Yes, the weapons may be a bit overpowered for early game, as they're balanced around vanilla endgame stats. There are plenty of other mods that offer a LOT more overpowered stuff though (XS Mechs, for example, which is a mod I really like!), so I'm not too worried about balance.
    Like my work? Donate to Harvey relief.


    Up to you, but they need it.

    Thank you for your time - I praise the Lord Jesus for the opportunity to do this!
    Colossians 3:23
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Minor Update: Fused Shadow Helmet
  2. Version 1.2

Recent Reviews

  1. Jerrystarfeathers
    Version: Version 1.2
    I can't seem to download it. Saying that the file is damage or something.
    1. Derejin
      Author's Response
      I do not have this issue: the download now button works for me. I'm uncertain what the issue is, sorry.
  2. amirmiked12
    Version: 1.0
    awesome .good job