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Zerotap dash for Project Redemption 1.2

No Protector should need to double tap!

  1. Armok
    a version of zerotap for project redemption, since double tapping can be annoying sometimes (especially when using a lower end laptop) and zerotap is the only mod of it's kind that actually works well, in case you're wondering what zerotap is, here's a link/shoutout to the original mod: https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/zerotap-dash.5492/

    note that this mod is mutually exclusive with other zerotap mods (as far as I know), but it should be easy enough to synergize them together with some basic SB modding knowledge, all credits to the code for zerotap go to it's creator The Avelon

    this mod requires project redemption

    here's a shameless plug to my modding server while I'm at it: https://discord.gg/PFMNxFu
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. final fix
  2. bugfix