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Zerotap Dash For RPG Growth 1.2

I'm too high level to doubletap.

  1. Final(?) DASH!

    The Avelon
    Fixes the long-standing bug of dashing in the wrong direction if you pressed the dash key while holding both Left and Right.

    This is the most involved ZT mod and I can make no promises that it actually works. Use at your own risk. RPG Growth has been updated many times since I last played Starbound and I've never used it personally other than to test, and this time around I just updated the base LUAs so that my LUA files are all consistent between mods.

    If something is broken, please let me know and I will try to fix it. But keep in mind that I've rearranged skill activations not just for dashes but for all of the skills that were in the mod at the time I first created it. New techs added later might be incompatible and if that's the case I'll need to do some work. I'm willing to do it though, because I hate to think that a powerful space wizard is forced to double-tap to work their magics. =(
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