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Zoroarks (WIP,discontinued) 2.0

playble zoroark for starbound

  1. colorfully zoros

    You can now change zoroark's fur skin color(thanks to Achromatics for coding help)

    update to the most recent version of DrPvtSkittles's "skittles Advanced Template Mod" when writeing this.

    give bit more description on the create character screen
  2. Hairstylist

    -Add about 3 new hairstyles (two unisex and one male and one female)
    -you can now change the hairstyle colors
    -add new ouch sound (may sound familiar)
    -rename hairstyle and hairstyle color to mane and mane color.
  3. captainchair fix

    fix "You were disconnected from the server for the following reason:Incoming client packet has caused exception on a custom race" when you try use the captainchair
  4. added mech files

    Added files deploy_Zoroark.cinematic,deploypod_Zoroark.frames,deploy_Zoroark.png,deploypodin_Zoroark.frames and deploypodin_Zoroark.png to prevent crashing when accepting Dr. Akaggy's Test Drive quest