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ZZ Mech Modifications 1.45

An expansion to XS Mechs!

  1. Update 1.4: Pierre, Pink and Power Suits!

    • Added a new NPC to ZZ's ship: Pierre! Pierre only sells 1 type of color plate at a time, but his stock will cycle to a new color every hour.
    • Added a new quest: The Name's Pierre. This is just a short introduction quest for pierre which rewards you with a random armor plate.
    • Renamed the P-01 Mk.I Power Suit to P-01 Assault Power Suit.
    • Added XS P-02 Flamer Power Suit. This variant of the Power Suit comes equipped with a flamethrower primary and molotov secondaries!
    • Added XS P-03 Explorer Power Suit. This suit comes equipped with a small mining laser and spiked light grenades!
    • Added XS R-03S Festive Rho Mech. This variant of the Rho Mech is decked out in holiday spirit!
    • Added a new color plate: PINK!
    • The following mechs now support pink armor plating: TAU MECH, THETA MECH, RHO MECH, RONIN RHO MECH, SIGMA MECH, ELITE SIGMA MECH, ASSAULT POWER SUIT.
    • Added Rho mech color support: STEEL, YELLOW.
    • Added Tau mech color support: STEEL.
    • Replaced the "nude" effect on powersuits with the "invisible" effect to hide the player's hair.
    • Lighting effects on all Power Suits have been redone! The flashlight now aims at your cursor's position.
    • Lowered the brightness of the Assault Power Suit's flashlight.
    • Increased the price of the Assault Power Suit by 10,000 pixels.
    • Fixed the Medical Mech's charge bar not refilling properly.
    • Cleaned up textures on colored variants of the Assault Power Suit.
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