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ZZ Mech Modifications 1.45

An expansion to XS Mechs!

  1. Update 1.45: Starbound 1.3, Patriot Tau and Bugfixes.

    • Updated to Starbound 1.3
    • Added XS Z-01 Patriot Tau Mech.
    • Tweaked some of the Tau Mech's Siege sfx.
    • Tweaked Hero Mech's gunshot sounds.
    • Increased the vertical flight speed of all power suits.
    • Increased the damage of the Siege sigma a bit (Main: 10 -> 15) (Alt: 50 -> 60)
    • Fixed issue where the Tau would rapidly whip back and forth if you put your mouse in the middle of the mech.
    • Fixed collision polys.
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    There are no changes from the previous version. This is just a fix for the download as Dropbox ended support for free user's public folders as of March 15th, 2017.
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  3. Update 1.4: Pierre, Pink and Power Suits!

    • Added a new NPC to ZZ's ship: Pierre! Pierre only sells 1 type of color plate at a time, but his stock will cycle to a new color every hour.
    • Added a new quest: The Name's Pierre. This is just a short introduction quest for pierre which rewards you with a random armor plate.
    • Renamed the P-01 Mk.I Power Suit to P-01 Assault Power Suit.
    • Added XS P-02 Flamer Power Suit. This variant of the Power Suit comes equipped with a flamethrower primary and molotov secondaries!
    • Added...
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  4. Update 1.3: XS P-01 Mk.I Power Suit!

    • Added XS P-01 Mk.I Power Suit. A small mech suited for fast movement and fitting through doorways!
    • Added Power Suit color support: BLUE, RED, GREEN, WHITE, ORANGE, SKY.
    • Reverted the Medical Sigma's projectiles back to plasma bullets, rather than a WIP projectile.
    • XS Supply Boxes that can contain mechs can now ONLY spawn underground. Normal boxes can still spawn on the surface, but will only contain armor plates.
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  5. Fix 1.2.4: Penguin Pete quest fix.

    • Changed Penguin Pete's quest requirement from 5000 pixels to 3 diamonds. If this doesn't fix the quest for you, try abandoning it and re-accepting it.
    • Added a priority level to the mod to adjust its load order behind XS Mechs.
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  6. Fix 1.2.3: Duplicate projectile entry fix.

    • Removed duplicate "xsm_heshellcasing" entry. Whoops!
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  7. Update 1.2.2: Tau gun fix, D-V4 mech colors/changes and more!

    • Added Hero mech color support: RED, GREEN, BLUE.
    • Added an explosion effect to the Tau's primary fire projectiles.
    • Updated D-V4 Hero Mech and the Siege Sigma Mechs to XS Mech's new armor system. More will be updated later.
    • Changed the functionality of the D-V4 Hero Mech's hovering. It can no longer hover in place, but is very fast and great for getting around.
    • Adjusted the aiming angle of the Tau Mech's primary gun to aim more towards the mouse position.
    • Increased the...
  8. Fix 1.2.1: Bad Patch Entries!

    • Fixed an error caused by XS Supply Boxes trying to spawn underground on ocean/toxic ocean/magma ocean/arctic ocean floor biomes.
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  9. Update 1.2: New Painting System, Supply Boxes, and More!

    • Added XS R-03C Mod. Pirated Rho. This is a variant of the Pirated Rho with recoil compensation. Uses less energy/bullet, but has slightly less dmg/bullet.
    • Added colored armor plating. Find these throughout your travels in order to paint mechs. This change is to encourage more exploration rather than money farming for mech coloring.
    • Added XS Supply Boxes. These spawn throughout the universe and contain Mech Armor Plates. They also have a super tiny chance to have a mech...
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  10. Update 1.1.1: Energy Update, D-V4 Mech!

    • Updated all mechs to use LoPhatKao's new energy system. (Tau mech updated by LoPhatKao! Thank you!)
    • Slightly lowered the sitting position in the miner mech to allow you to pick up drops at it's feet.
    • Increased the damage of the Portable Theta Railgun (Mk.I and Mk.II)
    • Decreased the Tau mech's armor value. (200 -> 70)
    • Added the XS D-V4 Hero Mech.