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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheFalseDemon, May 9, 2018.

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    So i’m not sure if people have already reported these or not, but whatever. These are some minor bugs i’ve experienced after making a new farm:
    •The ‘Intiation’ quest for the guild asks you to kill 10 slimes, but it only counts if you kill a rock crab.
    •Music continues playing when walking into the mine from outside
    •NPCs can sometimes duplicate themselves
    •When sleeping the night after you complete a bundle, the Junimo cutscene begins with the next days music already playing, which is then turned off again on the selling screen.
    •Occasionally, the weather channels picture and text do not match, (normally a picture indicating a thunderstorm will have the text it will be sunny).
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      You might want to post your observations in the Support section of the forum. That's where the developer checks for bug reports. Not a complaint; just saying.

      A complaint about a bug so old and well known in SDV that its grown a beard and has trouble rising in the moring due to its rheumatism. I've no idea why it hasn't been fixed before, but feel free to add your name to the chorus. :D
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        My bad, I posted it on mobile and apparently didn't see that there was a bug section:facepalm:

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