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WIP 1993 Doom Armor

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by DooM1991, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. DooM1991

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    A mod I wanted to use, being the Doom Armor Mod, was outdated so I decided to update the code to use it again. I figured that while I was at it that I might as well went on to fix the armor by removing the black outlines and detailing it a bit more. So far it has gone from...
    this [​IMG] to this [​IMG]
    Changes: Black lines removed / sprites trimmed to cut down on excess lines / gloves color changed to match the ones in game / brown belt added to resemble the marine belt and to add more variety in color / helmet changed entirely to show the player face and to give a darker look

    So far this is only day one on working with the mod as it is a long and painful process to get everything done right. Future plans for this may include making the rest of the Doom Marine armors as well. The ones I had in mind would be the Doom 4 Praetor Suit, Doom 64 Suit, and a battle scarred Marine Suit with blood and tears as you would see on the Doom 1 title screen. I will also be adding the Doom backpack item that may just be a vanity item or could be a back item for an energy bonus. A faceless helmet version will be coming as well.

    I would like to plan on making some Doom like weapons for Starbound but I'm not there yet with modding and I'm unsure as to how difficult it would be to put together. Maybe I will be able to find a good tutorial that explains how each file works for weapon generation in Starbound.

    If you have any ideas then shoot them to me down below. I have a lot in my head for this all but I could of missed an opportunity to make something else great. Opinions on the design and art work of my current work would be appreciated. Feel free to criticize to your hearts content.
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  2. DooM1991

    DooM1991 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Chest armor was cut up to closely resemble the in game version as there is no armor on the abdominal region. A green undershirt was put in its place.
  3. vietnamese guy

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    can this armor can ep with other race ?

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