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Closed 4-Pack Pre-order.

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Reks, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. Reks

    Reks Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Damn, I pre-ordered a 4-pack of normal Starbound and thought maybe with a 4pack I'd get a nice shiny forum badge but didnt realize there was a 4pack silver and you get the badge from there. D: You guys should make something for us, the people who pre-ordered the 4pack normal.
  2. KirasiN

    KirasiN Existential Complex

    Come on :rofl: why would you want a badge? I doubt you are even going to get on this forum after the game releases. If you want to support them some more then buy one more silver tier copy and give away the extra to the guy's who can't buy the game. But eh, badges aren't that nice of a reward, pay what you feel like you want to pay them.
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  3. The way I understood it, the badges are for those who are willing to donate a little bit more cash. It's like a recognition for the donation.

    On this note, I think people should be able to upgrade their tiers, whenever they feel like it. For once, it would fix situations such as this. People might want to update later at some point, once they have more money. Furthermore, Chucklefish gets richer. :gooby:
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  4. Reks

    Reks Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    An upgrade feature would be nice. I'd pop the extra $20 on later.

    The only thing I see is, I paid $45 for the copies, I should at least get something to recognize it. I mean, it's whatever. It would just be nice for a little extra :p Also, I still post on the terraria forums and that's been out how long? I'm active on forums when I want to be, just not so much til it launches.
  5. Camz

    Camz Existential Complex

    The Badges are not a showing off as a street cred symbol, think off them more of i have this badge because i contributed with my money for the development so yep its kinda the dev's giving a reward/thankyou back for your donation in the form of a badge and extra's.
    Do you really think they will start a new forums up for starbound i think not, Way to much hassle! All they will do is add more catogory's like for example..
    • Gameplay help
    • Server list
    • Peoples creations ( Screenshots )
  6. Katorone

    Katorone Giant Laser Beams

    Well, with the 4 pack all 4 people receiving a copy get a single badge... Sounds just right to me! :)
  7. Forever

    Forever Phantasmal Quasar

    Why would they give you a badge for buying a 4-pack whose purpose is to save you money?
  8. Katorone

    Katorone Giant Laser Beams

    Not entirely... You might be giving a copy to a friend who would never buy the game themselves... That's a win right there.
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