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    The aspiring entrepreneur took her first steps on the barren planet Terth-IV alongside her trusted Glitches Ironmail - a former soldier of Castle Coldbroiler - and Sparkblade - an aspiring mechanic and close friend of the entrepreneur. From the look of it from the shuttle, nothing could be harbored on the rough, dry soil that populated the dead rock of space, yet nothing filled her with more delight.

    "Imagine," she said, "build a greenhouse there, an apartment complex there..."

    She points around almost haphazardly at the landscape in front of her, the dust-filled wind blowing against her violet hair.

    "Confused. What is it do you plan on achieving with this idea of yours?" Ironmail asked.

    "Don't you see?" She retorted as the light of inspiration in her eyes bled through her glasses, "we can bring life to this desolate planet! We have the technology!"

    "Ponderous. And how do you suppose we do that?" Sparkblade chimed in.

    "Like I said, we make a greenhouse here... and a complex there..."

    As she goes on she begins to blueprint a settlement for humans and Glitch alike all in glass domes with oxygen filters. The two Glitch, still befuddled at her idea, go along with it and follow her as she rambles about bringing "life to the barren planet."
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    Might, might make a comic about this; however...

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