A bank and empty building options.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Phiresaph, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Phiresaph

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    I posted these suggestions to the subreddit a while ago but then I found this place so I thought I'd reiterate.

    I would love it if there was an option at Robin's to construct small, medium, or large empty buildings that you can customize with wallpaper, and flooring, and furniture, if that's what you want of course. Me? I need a place to store all the machines. I hate having my house and the outdoors full of machines. I'd much rather have a nice building to put them in. There's also a need for storage since I am a collector and hoarder. I'd love to remove the 25 chests from my house and put them somewhere else so my house can be a house again. As a hoarder I also have a lot of furniture and no place to put them.

    I was really quick to get lots of money. I now have 1.5 million gold and have yet to explore the calico cave and probably never will out of fear of dying and losing gold and valuables. I'd love to have a bank to store the gold in and perhaps a safe deposit box where I can store my own collection of artifacts and minerals without a bunch of chests in my house.
    • Caudyr

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      Being able to build "empty" buildings would be nice. More floors to the house, as well (including at least one basement level~).

      That said...I use a barn for storage and my kegs, etc....which is what most others use, as well.

      I would like to have a better building for it, though. :3
      • ChaosAzeroth

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        Being the 'good parent' I am I stared using the room next to my kid's room lol.
        Yes please some sort of thing for them.

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