A Chromatically Correct Medieval Era. (CCM)

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  1. Adoption + Apprenticeship?

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  2. Apprenticeship?

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  3. Adoption?

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  4. Or Should I get a life? (Too bad, I already got one and it's better than yours.)

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  1. Double Pwned

    Double Pwned Poptop Tamer

    Hello, and welcome to my thread. Stop and stay awhile, listen to my story, and be thoroughly pleased as you request your character to step into my blacksmith shop/tavern. Or, rather, listen to the main story which I will be posting soon. The first chapters will be a few characters that I made up, and, in a while, (if there are any) I will post your requests too. If you would like to delete your characters story, then state your reason in comments. Rules on the bottom.


    [/SPOILER="CH 1-Skip"]


    No inappropriate conduct/requests
    (as in something that's M rated or whatever)

    Short and Sweet
    Please keep all requests as above (short, sweet), as to avoid the author groaning in frustration

    Template Below

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  2. Double Pwned

    Double Pwned Poptop Tamer

    Sorry about the Poll :D
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  3. Double Pwned

    Double Pwned Poptop Tamer

    Yo, I'm back from the dead.
  4. BennyBoi

    BennyBoi Aquatic Astronaut

    Name/Nickname: Joshua Church/Church
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Background/Personality:He chops down an ever growing forest that is threatening to overtake their village. He is always trying to look on the ggod side of things but frustrates easily.
  5. BennyBoi

    BennyBoi Aquatic Astronaut


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