Race A Conceptual Race of Crustaceans

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  1. Khood

    Khood Contact!

    Maybe so, but I still think that they're pretty neat, especially the angler fish one ):
  2. Atlus

    Atlus Big Damn Hero

    I do suggest they have seashell hats as headdress, but not as a thing part of their body, though.


    Also coconut crabs are terrestrial crabs, they only spend time in the water as larvae before moving onto land for the greater part of their life.
  3. rayzorsan

    rayzorsan Space Hobo

    I like this idea, would play it since my other choice florans look like females no matter what.
  4. andySp

    andySp Sandwich Man

  5. Khood

    Khood Contact!

    please do, I think it's awesome!
  6. Sigurd Aginulfus

    Sigurd Aginulfus Void-Bound Voyager

    Why not Zoidberg?

    I realize I was beaten to it, but look! Mine has a picture!
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  7. TheLostSentinel

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  8. Raptoral ze great guy

    Raptoral ze great guy Big Damn Hero

    What if for armor they would wear fish scales instead of chainmail.
  9. drmaverick94

    drmaverick94 Void-Bound Voyager

    I would love an Egyptian themed race, maybe do dogs like Anubis?
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  10. KomodoKing

    KomodoKing Tentacle Wrangler

    We would all love to play as a crab but the crystal thing is overused. Many other races like the Drale have crystals in their story. I suggest a giant waterless reef with scattered huts or something of the sort, but it's your decision.
    But otherwise I love this space-fareing roman crabs thing. 1 like for you!
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  11. jetsetdizzy

    jetsetdizzy Big Damn Hero

    I really like this one.
  12. VinchenzoJackal

    VinchenzoJackal Big Damn Hero

    A second aquatic race? A good idea!
  13. Chickens84

    Chickens84 Void-Bound Voyager

    Watch any documentary about crabs, and you will wonder whether they aren't already a space-faring exosuit biorobot race. They regenerate limbs, they shed their shells, they act very machine-like. Hell, if their arm or leg is hurt, they pluck it out and wait for a new one to grow. Arthropods are probably the closest to what we'll see of an alien organism in our lifetimes. I'd very much welcome a no-nonsense crustacean machine race that is feared by other Starbound races for their brutal efficiency. Wonder would it be possible for Chucklefish or anyone to add a multipedal race with their own armor, equipment, special abilities and animations. So far every race feels like a little more than a mere reskin of one bipedal species. I crave for some serious sci-fi diversity since Master of Orion days.
  14. Vegetable Lamb

    Vegetable Lamb Existential Complex

    Love the details you've got here. This is a very unique and interesting design!
  15. Chickens84

    Chickens84 Void-Bound Voyager

    Those are Tachidi, Insecta subspecies from generally unloved Master of Orion III (it was radically different compared to first two installments). In my case however, it was my first turn-based space game which I played on and off over several years until I understood it well enough to enjoy it. Its interface, lore, steep learning curve and brutally serious tone, still hold a place in my heart.
  16. Lecic

    Lecic Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    So, the theme of these guys is Roman/Greek, then?
    I really like this suggestion. A lot of races seem to be trying to occupy the crystal niche as of late, though. They could use some more backstory.
  17. Raptoral ze great guy

    Raptoral ze great guy Big Damn Hero

    He meant the race
  18. Chickens84

    Chickens84 Void-Bound Voyager

    Heh, I dun goofed :V
  19. Mr.Noßody

    Mr.Noßody Intergalactic Tourist

    I want crab people.
    I want them all day.
  20. HooooooooDini approves and so dones oopavile

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