A deep and detailed look into Farming strategies for your first day

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    Today, we'll be looking at various strategies others have implemented in starting their farming career. We will only be covering actual Farming starts, so the 'fishing first, then planting' strategy, while perfectly viable, isn't going to be something we'll be discussing here.

    We will be looking at the pros and cons of each strategy, how they place you for future growth, how much energy they consume and what that energy might otherwise be used for, and xp gains for certain benchmarks as well as profit.

    We will only be going as far as the Egg Festival in our looking ahead, as we are strictly looking at openers here. The latter half of the month is going to be largely based on factors such as how much investment you have on mining, how many sprinklers and what sort of sprinklers you have, what other benchmarks you want to hit, and so forth. In other words, there are too many widely divergent paths once the Egg Festival happens to be able to meaningfully calculate.

    Also, of note is the 9 cauliflower seeds you get as a reward for 5 relics/minerals handed in to Gunther. You really are going to want to get that done before the middle of the season so you have enough time to plant and harvest them. Planting them on fertilizer gives you a good chance of at least one gold-star Cauliflower, which gives you the 'best' response from the Luau in the summer, assuming you don't just want to sell them. It's also worth 207 xp, which is not too shabby at this stage in the game, and can be the difference between Farming 3 and Farming 4. If you don't care about the Luau, you may consider planting in a 3x3 for the outside chance of getting a Large Cauli for double profits.

    15 parsnip

    This is what I like to call the 'first timer's opening', because it just involves planting the 15 parsnip seeds you find in your house Spring 1st, and not getting any more.

    It's not... horrible. You save endurance by not watering a large plot and you aren't risking anything with newer strats that involve a Day One bean starter and cauliflower, but it's also not that great either. You still have your 500g, though. So if you are looking for a Fishing start, there's far worse things to do. Basically, plant your basic parsnips, keep your cash, try to get your 2k by Spring 3rd so you can get your Fiberglass Rod and as much Bait as you can get so you can double-down. And 500g is nothing to sneeze at as far as cash-in-hand this early in the game. If nothing else, that's a lot of bait you can pick up.

    Having said that, if you aren't planning on going fishing-heavy... this opener is probably not the one you're going to want to opt for.

    40 Parsnips

    The next strategy we'll be exploring is the 40 parsnip opening, that is going to Pierre's on Day One, purchasing as many parsnip seeds as possible, and planting them all before doing anything else.

    This strategy accepts the inevitable loss of a few crops to Crows, but simply doesn't care since there's so many parsnips to be had that losing a couple isn't going to substantially damage anything. And since parsnips aren't individually that valuable, either in terms of xp or profits, it doesn't cost you nearly as much as losing more valuable profits to the feathered felons.

    Assuming all 40 parsnips are harvested (which, again, they won't be), that would be a total of 320 xp. Unfortunately, it requires 380 xp for level 2 farming, so we miss this benchmark, which means growing something else after the scarecrows are up on the following day.

    An advantage to this strategy is that it is complete the soonest, by day 5. And you get Level 1 Farming as early as possible as a result. This lets you get this phase out of the way and lets you get on with planting more serious crops to follow.

    A disadvantage to this strategy is that it requires a considerable amount of endurance every day watering them (except Day 3, which is guaranteed rain). This is somewhat offset by the fact that mines don't open until this crop is grown, so it won't impact mining depths, and fishing tends to be endurance-positive as you can always eat some of your catch so that's going to be less impactful. So really, the only thing this strategy might impact is the number of trees you can chop down, either to farm Foraging xp or to collect the acorns needed for an Oak Stand to tap for later kegging, or making of chests for the mines, arrowhead island, and mountain lake island to optimize your gains in these areas. It would also impact the ability to get the beach bridge to the tidal pools area in your first week, if that is important to you. Other than that, the impact seems fairly minimal overall, unless you're wanting to rush Foraging 4 to obtain double yield from Salmonberry season and logging is a major factor in Foraging xp gains to hit that goal.

    Another advantage to this strategy is you now have many parsnips in your pocket. You can sell them if you want, but a better use might be to eat them as you really hit those mines as hard as you can.

    In short, it's not a bad start, although not particularly impressive. It does place you quite close to Farming level 2, so if that is your goal, you can simply plant enough parsnips to hit that goal, safely under cover of scarecrows this time, and hit Farming 2 before the Egg Festival. In fact, a couple days before the egg festival. If you planted just enough parsnips to hit Farming level 2 as well as a crop of Kale or Potatoes, you could possibly even hit Farming level 3 before Egg Festival. Even barring that, it would increase the amount of quality crops you get from your harvest, and also open up the possibility of Basic Sprinklers as discussed in another thread.

    15 parsnip, 25 Tulip

    This is an all-new opener that came from discussion about a Tulip opener. The arguments for this are basically that Tulips are really great endurance per dollar, so you'll be able to eat them as you hit the mines.

    Ultimately, I wasn't convinced that the straight Tulip opening was worth bothering with, however this hybrid version, hot off the presses, shows at least some merit. You can afford a couple of parsnips eaten and still get Farming 1 on Day 5 as per the previous openers, accept the fact that Crows are going to eat a couple of crops like the 40 parsnip opener, and use the Tulips as a better food item when they come up on the 7th to empower your diving. At 45e and 20h, it's almost twice the stats of a parsnip, so as a mining dive food, there's a lot to say for it.

    The big downside is xp. If you're wanting to hit Farming 3 by the Egg Festival, this is going to hamper your efforts. Tulips actually are worth less xp than Parsnips are. Bummer.

    I don't know how viable this is yet, as I haven't really done any testing. But considering you can plant Kale after day 6 and still reap your crops before the Egg Festival, I don't see it really hurting you that much.

    13 parsnip, 1 bean starter, 1 cauliflower

    This is a newer strategy that has come out of the knowledge that you never have to worry about crows if you only have 15 or fewer crops planted. This nets you a Cauliflower just before the Egg Festival, opening up the possibility of turning in all four Spring Crops for the Spring Crops Bundle and the 20 Speed Gro reward so you can plant your Strawberries on it for a third yield before the end of the season.

    This does, however, start you off at an xp deficit, as compared to the 40 parsnip opening. 13 parsnips barely gets level 1 at 104 xp, leaving you with a sizable gap before you hit Farming 2, meaning the 40 Kale (worth 680 xp) follow-on barely lets you hit Farming 3 (at 770) with the 104 xp from the 13 parsnips.

    This is an opening that requires some tricky timings because if you plant any crops before you get scarecrows the day AFTER your initial parsnip harvest, you're risking crows eating your cauli or your green beans and ruining your entire start. So the followup to this is going to be 40 Kale on Day 6, harvesting on 12 to get Farming 3 by the time you hit Egg Festival. Which means planting a lone potato somewhere to keep up with the bundle, because 40 potatoes won't get you there.

    That also means you're going to be behind the curve on endurance, because you won't have as many parsnips heading into the mines. Of course, it will mean 20 extra Strawberries up by the end of the month, so there's that.

    In Conclusion

    The 40 parsnip opener is the one I had suggested in my previous guide, and it's a pretty solid opening. The 13 parsnip, 1 cauli, 1 green bean opener is the new kid that shows a lot of promise, and can be used for the early 20 speed-gro for basically 20 extra strawberries for the season. The 15 parsnip, 25 tulip opener is a new, untested, untried tactic that might work for helping descend the mines faster by providing better stamina recovery. All of them involve getting Farming 1 by day 5.

    So, anyone else have any openers they'd like to share with the class? Thoughts and opinions? I open the floor to healthy and meaningful discussion.
    • One More Day

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      0 parsnips

      This is the fishing strategy. Another way to look at those 15 parsnip seeds is as an extra 150g we can use tomorrow to buy the Fiberglass Rod. With the arrival of 1.4, we can now use the Training Rod to get perfect catches and really rush our Fishing XP up to level 2 in the morning, to enable us to get the Fiberglass Rod and some bait at lunchtime tomorrow. And because the buyin for the rod alone is a hefty 1,800g, we'll need every single penny we can scrounge up on Day 1, so let's pick them up off the floor and chuck them straight into the shipping bin. Once we have a big chunk of cash from our fishing on day 3, we can buy some new seeds on day 4 and it won't seem very expensive at all.

      This best results from this opener will come if you can catch catfish on day 3, but it's still well worth it even if you fish the lake instead.
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      • Shepherd_0

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        If you're going for a 40 parsnip start, you might as well go a little further and start with about 50 parsnips. Ideally, also a bean and at least one cauliflower from a mixed seed.

        The sprinkler thread inspired me to start with a day one strategy that gets farming 2 as soon as possible. I had my first batch of sprinklers ready as soon as day 7. On day 8 I already had 15 sprinklers. On day 12, I had 30, enough to water 120 strawberries.

        The advantage of this strategy is that you barely have to use the watering can and the fishing pole. Watering and fishing are generally considered to be repetitive tasks, so minimising the amount of time you spend on these tasks makes the game more enjoyable for most players. Since you don't have to fish as much with strategy, there's a lot more time for chopping wood and mining, which means that you unlock skill levels more evenly. It's a very balanced start.

        The disadvantage compared to the fishing start is that you don't have much money to do anything early on. I could squeeze out two tool upgrades and a large goat milk from the cart alongside the money I needed to buy seeds, but that's it. I stil don't have the backpack upgrade. Meanwhile, the fishing strategy would get me all of the money I
        made so far (I'm at day 13) in three days.
        • CujoEX

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          This wasn't my strategy, but it made sense (told by a friend).

          Begin before clearing out the farm, go straight to the southern forest and forage right above the sewers for a few Spring Onions. Then make your way to town and search the trash while waiting for Pierre's store to open. Sell the Spring Onions and any other foraged items and buy as many Parsnips and/or Cauliflower that you can (maybe 1-2 eatable items for Energy). Then spend the rest of the first day preparing your garden.
          • One More Day

            One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

            Yeah, never ever sell spring onions, they're worth far more as energy.

            Even if you used that energy simply to break stones, and then sell the stones to Robin, you'd make more money than selling them as onions. But selling the onions is a huge mistake
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            • squigglyruth

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              As many parsnips and mixed seeds as possible Days 1 & 2, plus two green beans
              Although this isn't my go-to any more, I did a number of successful Spring Year 1 and early community centre runs with this strategy. It is a solid way to generate farming XP and money ahead of the egg festival, without needing to be good at fishing. Using this strategy, I normally reached farming level 4 the day before the egg festival.

              The green beans are to complete the community centre spring cops bundle on the evening of the egg festival. If you're not after planting speed-gro strawberries on the 13th, just swap those out for more parsnips.

              Day 1:
              Start by cutting wood for two chests. Make one chest on your farm.

              Then harvest fibre for mixed seeds. This could be just the fibre on your farm, or you could go all-out and collect fibre from the forest and the overgrown plots in town.

              Forage everywhere on the map (though don't repair the bridge). Dig all worm spots in the hope of an artifact. If you find one, take it to the museum. If you find two, take the cheapest to the museum and save the other to sell overnight.

              Because you are a friendly farmer, greet the people you meet. I used to greet everyone but Willy on day 1 whilst running the rest of this strategy.

              At Pierre's on Monday afternoon, sell your fibre and any starred forage. Keep all other forage in the hope of making sets to form mixed seeds tomorrow.

              Buy as many parsnip seeds as you can afford.

              Plant and water all the parsnip seeds and the mixed seeds. This will almost certainly include at lest a couple of cauliflowers.

              Day 2:
              Head straight to the beach to get your fishing rod, taking your spring forage goods with you and also your spare 50 wood for a chest. Pick up any forage you see on the way. Also check for quests in Pierre's window in case there is a really easy one.

              Once you have your rod, fish however well you can until about 3pm. My chosen spot used to be the river, just under Jodi's house. Put the chest nearby so you don't have to discard any items.

              Sell your fish to Willy, keeping back smallmouth bass (which you will need for energy).

              Craft spring seeds out of any sets of spring forage goods.

              Head to Pierre's. Sell the spring seeds and all the rest of your forage (except sprnig onions). Buy two green beans and as many parsnips as you can. This will probably be just before 5pm.

              Plant and water your green beans and parsnips. Water the crops you planted yesterday. Eat your smallmouth bass as needed.

              Days 3-4:
              Water your crops if it isn't raining. Fish and/or cut trees in sensible amounts, making sure you have enough wood for at least one chest. If you are ok but not great at fishing, the best thing to do is to fish in the bottom left of the mountain lake, buying the fibreglass rod as soon as possible.

              Day 5:
              Harvest the initial crop of parsnips, reaching farming level 2. Water everything else. Use the rest of your time for mining.
              Sell everything you can overnight - especially fish if you have reached fishing level 5. But keep back any gold parsnips.

              Day 6:
              Harvest the rest of the parsnips. Water other crops.
              Keep back gold parsnips and one normal parsnip. Sell everything else at Pierre's. Use all your money to buy potato seeds. Plant and water these today.

              Days 7-11:
              Water your crops each day. You could plant extra parsnips on days 7 or 8 if you have the money and energy. Use the rest of your time for mining or fishing, depending on your skills and aims.

              Day 12:
              Harvest all the crops. Keep back one potato and one green bean. Sell the rest overnight, along with anything else that isn't bolted down.

              Day 13:
              Harvest you cauliflowers. Prepare for strawberry planting. It's Egg Festival day!
              • Honeywell

                Honeywell Phantasmal Quasar

                My start is a little more relaxed and left up to chance but it works out pretty well and I think it can be replicated.

                Day 1
                I plant my parsnips, any mixed seeds that I gather and buy a bean starter for the Spring crop bundle (and potato or cauliflower if I didn't get one in the mixed seeds).

                It's more than 15 crops so the potential for crows is there but it's a small risk and I'm comfortable with that.

                Day 6
                Plant mixed seeds, rice shoots and the museum cauliflower under a scarecrow. I also buy some more cauliflower (for preserving later) but keep the total amount of these "extra" crops low--under 40.

                Day 6 is also decision time.

                If I'm buying strawberry seeds on the 13th (and I almost always do) than I usually plant a large field of kale equal to the amount of strawberry seeds I plan on buying. This prepares the ground ahead of time and also funds the strawberry seeds.

                For the first time, in my current playthrough, I opted to forgo the kale crop and rely on fishing for strawberry seed money and that's worked out really well. It frees up a ton of time and energy the week leading up to the egg festival and will probably be my go to start from now on.

                Day 13
                Plant strawberries.

                The 13th-21st is spent watering a large strawberry crop during the day (the total amount of strawberries planted is the number needed to reach level 6 farming by the first harvest--this time it was 149) and then heading to the mines as soon as I'm done watering.

                Day 22
                Plant a kale crop (100+) under sprinklers.

                So my Spring is light on watering weeks 1 and 2, heavy watering for the 8 days it takes the strawberries to mature (week 3), and then next to no watering (35 quality sprinklers) to close out the last week of Spring.

                It's been a really well rounded Spring for me--efficient and fun but not grindy or too min/maxy for my tastes--and nothing was ignored.

                ETA: I also buy a small stack of parsnip seeds (20ish) to fill in the spaces from the random harvest times you get from mixed seeds. Because my farming is 6+ by then those parsnips are enough to get 5 gold for the quality crop bundle without any extra effort.
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                • ShneekeyTheLost

                  ShneekeyTheLost Master Astronaut

                  How are you going to afford all that on your first day, though? You can get 40 parsnips by cashing in your 500g that you start with, but an extra 10 parsnips is an extra 200g... where are you getting that from? Mixed seeds are a trap, there's no way of telling exactly what you're going to get. And at any rate, if by some miracle you get your cauli and bean from them, you will likely lose them to a crow before you can make scarecrows.

                  This is not viable for most people.
                  This would be the 'fishing first, then planting' strategy that I had addressed in the very first sentence, yes. And went over why I wouldn't be covering it, as it isn't a farming start, it's a fishing start.
                  Let me stop you right here. I get what you are trying to do, but there's no way you're going to have the stamina for all that, and your cauliflower and beans are going to be eaten by crows. It is also pretty RNG dependent as well. You still won't be able to meet the Wizard before the initiation of the CC questline, so you won't be able to get the cash reward for meeting everyone on Day One.

                  To me, it seems like a 'great in theory, but fails in execution' sort of strategy that you could probably make work if you are willing to reset a few times to make the stars align, such as if you were speedrunning, but it definitely isn't a casual strategy.
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                  • One More Day

                    One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

                    Fair enough. I obviously only skimmed the first sentence or two, before moving on to reading the main part, and I missed that. It's still an option as a day 1 opener though.

                    Finding 200g is pretty easy tbh. There's forage which could be sold to Pierre. There's the potential to find an artifact, or get a mineral from a geode, that could be turned in to Gunther. And if all else fails, there's fiber which can be sold to Robin. At least on the standard farm, it's not a problem to rustle up 200g worth of the stuff, and it doesn't cost any energy to do so. But you do need decent spring onions on day 1 if you want to get two chests out of the day as well, you'll need to eat about an extra 120E or so. After day 1, stamina won't be quite so bad, because you'll be able to eat fish.

                    Wizard isn't needed for the Introductions quest. The only one you need but can't get on day 1 is Willy, who you meet first thing on day 2. But meeting twenty-odd people on day 1 is overrated imo.

                    With dozens of parsnips for the crows to choose from, the chances of losing your beans and cauliflowers are pretty small
                    • ThorfinnS

                      ThorfinnS Orbital Explorer

                      A day 1 of 50 plants is absurdly easy to pull off. You would need an abysmal start to avoid it if you were half trying. Ten mixed seeds is basically a gimmee if you are going after weeds, and why wouldn't you? It's not like you are going to have a surplus of energy to clear rocks or trees. Might as well swing the scythe for free until you collapse at 2am. Say you get just 100 fiber harvested before Pierre closes. That's another 5 parsnips. So the initial 15, plus the 25 from starting funds, plus 10 or so from mixed seeds, plus the 5 from selling fiber. And you haven't yet touched the dandelions, leeks, etc., nor the sap or tree seeds, all of which Pierre takes.

                      You need 80e crowning 4 trees for the chest. (With a truly hard-code farming start, you wouldn't need the chest, even. Sell everything you can't carry, either in town or in the bin. Get your chest on day 2 when you don't need to hoe.) You need maybe another 24-30e to clear the branches and rocks from the region south of the house, then 4e per seed for hoeing and watering. For 50 seeds, that's a little over 300e total required. Less than 3 spring onions covers that.

                      Now, granted, that's risking crows, but those are acceptable losses, IMO, so long as I didn't buy beans or cauliflower, and I didn't. Even I can water 63 plants before 8am without using up more than half my energy. And that's before I go see how many onions there are, or food in the trash.
                      • Shepherd_0

                        Shepherd_0 Starship Captain

                        Like One More Day said, it's very easy to get enough money for parsnips. I usually spend about 4 hours just collecting fibre on the farm. This gets me a minimum of 160 fibre and a bunch of mixed seeds. If I assume that I get 5 parsnips from mixed seeds and 160 fibre, I can get a total of 13 extra parsnips just from collecting fibre alone. If I factor in foragables I find along the way to Robin and the archaeology quest, it becomes clear that 50 parsnips and a green bean is no issue at all.

                        I always plant the mixed seeds away from my main field, so the fact that I don't know which crop is going to appear doesn't matter to me. It doesn't mess with my crop organization or anything. And even if I get an undesirable crop, I just have my axe land on it. I find it quite weird that you say mixed seeds are a trap when they are very easy and very obvious money saves, at least on day 1. Acting like getting a cauli from a mixed seed is some miracle is also an exaggeration.

                        I don't find crows to be much of a problem either. Even if I start with more than 15 crops, I rarely have more than two plants eaten by crows. That's just my experience though.

                        You know, for a seemingly experienced player yourself, you do seem to think pretty lowly of the average player sometimes. Even a fairly new player could manage 50 parsnips on day 1 if you told him how to do it.
                        • One More Day

                          One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

                          I wouldn't call mixed seeds a trap as such, but I think they're unnecessary unless you very specifically want to do the 20 speed gro strawberries, and also want to do dozens of parsnips at the same time, and therefore don't want to spend money on two or three cauli seeds on day 1

                          Otherwise, I wouldn't bother putting them down on day 1. I wouldn't want to water potatoes or cauli at that stage, so I don't want to waste energy hoeing spots either, and I'd just stick to buying parsnip seeds so I know exactly what I'm getting. They can be used later.
                          • ThorfinnS

                            ThorfinnS Orbital Explorer

                            I don't know that I've ever regretted planting the mixed seeds. I don't understand the reluctance at all. If space were at a premium, and planting them meant I could not plant strawberries later, OK, maybe, But they are all going to be harvested before then, so it's XP and g at a cost of just a few e. So I lose a couple, maybe 3 before I can build a scarecrow. Fine. What's that, maybe 24, 30e tops. And in exchange, I didn't have to spend 60g minimum at a time when cash is king.

                            With parsnips I can about double my money in 4 days and I don't think twice about it. With mixed seeds, I get the same return, but spent NOTHING for the seeds. Why wouldn't I take it?
                            • ShneekeyTheLost

                              ShneekeyTheLost Master Astronaut

                              Wait... sell Fiber? In 1.4? Are you mad?

                              Fiber sells for 1g/ea, which is pathetic. And it has SO many uses now I consider it to be valuable on par with ore. Tree Fertilizer, Scarecrows, Tea Saplings, Totems, Wild Bait (now that it is improved)... just... no. No. Hell no. This is about the worst play to make.

                              As far as Mixed Seeds... biggest trap since the second Death Star was, in fact, fully operational. Complete with evil chuckle. Mixed Seeds are pure RNG, which is the antithesis of the purpose of a guide, which is to collapse the variables down to a known set from which one can produce consistent and reliable results. Mixed seeds are the exact opposite of that.

                              Any time you introduce RNG, such as planting more than 15 crops with something planted you really don't want to get eaten, or when you start rolling the dice on mixed seeds, you introduce a lose condition. The whole point of the exercise is to remove as many lose conditions as possible. The only way you could guarantee yourself any reasonable start using them is being willing to completely restart if it doesn't pan out for yourself, which is not something I'm prepared to put in a guide aimed at more casual players.
                              • Shepherd_0

                                Shepherd_0 Starship Captain

                                There's an infinite amount of fiber in the mines that you can collect without spending energy. It's not like you prevent yourself from building scarecrows and totems and wild bait forever, if you sell some fiber on day 1. It's no big deal at all.

                                Personally, I also specifically collect fiber for the mixed seeds. If I get a an undesirable crop out of a mixed seed (always excess cauli, potatoes only with a sub 15 crop start) I just remove it with a swing of the axe. The only downside to this is that it might waste a little energy, but that's a small risk I'm willing to take in order to get free parsnips. Even if you want to do the 15 parsnip or 13 parsnip + cauli + bean start, going for free parsnips from mixed seeds is worth it because it allows you to sell the rest of the parsnip seeds for a small profit. This is relevant if you want to do the fishing strategy while also getting farming 1 as soon as possible.
                                • ShneekeyTheLost

                                  ShneekeyTheLost Master Astronaut

                                  You and I must be playing very different games, then. I can hardly ever obtain 100 fiber, much less have enough to sell on top of what I am wanting to use.

                                  There's a much simpler way to do the fishing strategy while also getting Farming 1 as soon as possible... the 15 parsnip start. Which costs you exactly nothing. And doesn't require janky strats hoping for RNG to be kind.
                                  • Shepherd_0

                                    Shepherd_0 Starship Captain

                                    What are you going to use the fibre for on day 1? a campfire? There is plenty of fibre right on the farm, at least on the standard farm that is.

                                    I get why you would be reluctant to sell fibre. Every item in this game is potentially very useful, so I understand why selling items like fibre and clay for such a low profit seems offputting. However, if you want to truly devote yourself to the day 2 fibreglass rod strategy, you have to sell everything you can get. The money will make itself back in no time.

                                    The thing is, mixed seeds sell for 0 gold while parsnip seeds sell for 10 gold. So for every mixed seed that turns into a parsnip, you essentially earn 10 gold. It might be just a small bonus, but it really doesn't take much effort as you are collecting fibre to sell anyway. Every little bit of money counts.
                                    • ShneekeyTheLost

                                      ShneekeyTheLost Master Astronaut

                                      Correction, and as I have said earlier: This guide is NOT intended to be the fishing-heavy start suggested in other guides. This is intended as a farming strategy guide, not a fishing strategy guide.
                                      • squigglyruth

                                        squigglyruth Big Damn Hero

                                        The odds of both green beans or all cauliflowers being eaten are very low - I must have done this start more than a dozen times and that never happened to me.
                                        Stamina isn't a problem as long as you are prepared to eat spring onions and some of the fish from day 2.

                                        The whole game is RNG dependent! But I'm not sure which bit of this start you are saying particularly requires RNG. The number of seeds you end up planting will be RNG dependent, but will be higher than 40 even with very poor RNG.

                                        I would question the 'fails in execution', since I never had any trouble doing it. This really isn't something that requires restarts or lucky RNG. I think I came up with it on my second game, and stuck with it for ages after that because it was so easy to pull off. I offered it up on this thread because it's a farming-based strategy that worked for me when I wasn't good at fishing and is slightly different from the other alternatives being discussed.
                                        • One More Day

                                          One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

                                          Yeah, selling fiber on day 1 is fine. By the time you need it, you'll be picking it up in sufficient quantities on floors 21 and 81 as you farm copper and gold ore. I can sell it all on day 1 and still get enough for my scarecrows and, now we're in 1.4, for all my tree fertilizer needs too. I have little use for totems in spring, and for me, the bottleneck for wild bait is never talking to Linus, because by the time I'd be able to unlock the recipe, I'm done with fishing.

                                          On a new farm I started this morning (yes, I know, another one) I shipped over 280g worth of fiber. I'd hardly call that pathetic. It was the biggest single contributor to my total.

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